Friday, October 23, 2015

Leopaul's Heaven and Hell: Why I love AlDub

Come tomorrow, the world is all one because of the biggest AlDub event of a lifetime and everyone's fighting to get their seats taken for the biggest and grandest moment they will surely never forget. Although some people couldn't make it had a chance to see it live on television, which is very nice because that big Filipino network known as GMA are very nice to the AlDub Nation so much, they decided to show the big AlDub event to the world and smash records like how many AlDub-related tweets recorded enough to ruin the entire internet.

Before I'm taking part to this biggest celebration every AlDub Nation's dying to see it, let me take the time to ask one thing that...why I'm in love with the AlDub love story,

In the beginning, well, the 16th of July to be exact, when Lola Nidora is busy with the whole Problem Solving segment in Eat Bulaga, and when Alden Richards became one of the Eat Bulaga presenters for the whole "That's My BAE" contest, this is where the love story between Alden and Yaya Dub begins and as weeks have pass, nothing is more tastier and more sweeter than seeing these two DubSmash each other until Lola Nidora plots some conniving ways to separate them. That signalled the birth of the term "Kalyeserye", where Juan can witness every moment after moment regardless of which barangay the presenters are on and so is Yaya Dub.

Through the weeks, we've been introduced by some of the wackiest characters in the Kalyeserye gig. From Lola Nidora's henchmen mostly called Rogelio, Frankie Amoy Arinolli, Duhrizz, Tidora and her Bernardos, Tinidora and her zombie friends called Quando, the mayor doma named Rihanna, Isadora, and many many others, those hilarious characters are spicing up the AlDub love story and no matter what stuff Lola Nidora throws at these two, there's no stopping them, not even the plywood that can separate them.

At first, I thought it was a stupid idea, seeing these two untalkative lovers use some sound bites, mainly from other shows, movies, and songs, to communicate each other. I might think that Yaya Dub could be a robot because robots tend to have recorded messages on their hard drive and play it randomly and that's some conspiracy worthy of Ford Pines himself. Oh, and if you don't know who in the world is Ford Pines, you guys didn't watch Gravity Falls because he's the long lost twin of Grunkle Stan and the six-fingered man behind the mystery journals Dipper's desperate to find out. Anyway, no time to inject Gravity Falls stuff on this article, well in case Mabel's going to spill it anyway for fun, back to my newfound love for AlDub because like I said, I thought this is a very stupid idea for a TV network to pull such a gig but as weeks pass by, their kalyeserye idea DID WORK...BRILLIANTLY.

Because Kalyeserye became a very brilliant gig full stop, they decided to be part of the show before it ends and now, it became a Filipino tradition to have their TVs set to Eat Bulaga and then wait before the Kalyeserye portion airs. It starts with a honk honk, well, a normal car honk honk, and then the drama unfolds until the big truck horn honks, signalling the end of another Kalyeserye day and pick it up on the next day. Simple as that.

It's not just the love story I like the most about the AlDub shindig, it's the sound bites they pulled off. From the Chinese (vietnamese, I presume?) sound bite I don't really know what that is to the fabled Pabebe Girls (wonder how will the original Pabebe Girls react upon using their infamous dialog for AlDub antics) sound bite, nothing is more so than their favorite songs playing in on their mouths.

Because of that, most songs like Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud (Lola Nidora calls it Darling I), Twerk It, Bryan White's God Gave Me You, BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby, and many others including the ladder-laden Mambo No. 5, are now stuck in every AlDub Nation's heads right now, even me. They even manage to create fanmade AlDub playlists just for the heck of it. But hey, not only most foreign songs made the cut to the AlDub gig, there are some almost-forgotten OPM hits came alive because of AlDub. 

One thing I'm particularly keen about is the song that goes "Naniniwala na ako sa forever, pag mula nang makilala kita" and that song is question is sung by none other than the love team known as JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre). Odd because why would AlDub DubSmashed a song done by the Kapamilya love team famous for their on-screen antics at their TV drama On The Wings Of Love?

Maybe AlDub wanted a piece of it until JaDine gets furious enough to meet them face to face in the same way why Bryan White's going to the Philippines and wants a piece of it to AlDub. Looks like I am as suspicious as that guy from Ancient Aliens.

Another thing why there are some wanted a piece of it is the blind date segment from It's Showtime called "Nasaan Ka, Mr. Pastillas?" where a handful of males trying their shot to date the internet sensation they called her Pastillas Girl. We thought it was a clever way to win back fans succumbed from the AlDub menace but guess what? You lose, boy. Your Twitterserye plans don't work because more and more will always plugged their heads to AlDub as long as they like. Too bad I find the whole Pastillas stuff boring and it was only outclassed by the TV show starring Nadine and James.

A rivalry between JaDine and AlDub is choice between IDOLM@STER and Love Live. If you pick something that has more appealing, more fan base, and more firepower than any other, you are going to be on that side but your allegiances might change like a drop of a hat. Does that make you feel like you're a double crosser or being double crossed for all the wrong barrels? Hard to believe I am one of the few idiots who can double cross a certain fan base but hey, that's life. You can't fast-talk your way out until someone knows your dirty secret much like my younger sister who found out that an IM@S fan like me had a piece of Love Live in my room. Yep, I'm a double crosser bu that's all in the name of intelligence and reconnaissance. Something what a 00 Agent from MI6 would do going undercover as a talent producer for a certain talent agency.

In the end, I have a choice. Should I go for the burger steak or a chicken fillet ala king? JaDine or AlDub? I'm pretty sure, I already know my choice is so don't etching me because if you're going to ask which side I am on, it would be nobody because there are some who turned out to be double crossers but since I'm not a big JaDine fan because I got bored with OTWOL, I'd better stick with the AlDub because all of their shenanigans are well and truly payed off to become the national couple of the Philippines and soon the world.

Anyway, that's enough for it. I need to go now. I have to be fully prepared for the big AlDub day tomorrow. Yo, Buddy? You still awake? Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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