Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Suzuki Escudo (YD/YE21S)

Earlier this year, Suzuki introduced to the Japanese market the ALLGRIP system via the new SX4 S-CROSS compact crossover, which is quite a capable all-wheel drive system that you can use it almost anywhere. Now, another Euro-imported Suzuki with the same tech has arrived to the Japanese market and this time, it's the turn of the brand new Escudo.

2016 Suzuki Escudo

Yes. This is another Suzuki crossover imported from Europe but even though this is a Euro-import, this is a regeneration to Suzuki's SUV that has its name marked to every petrolhead in the planet because of its involvement to the world of Pikes Peak in its glorious past as well as gamers everywhere. Sadly though, today's Escudo isn't as exciting as we hoped for because even though it has some Evoque-esque looks, it looks somewhat as cheap as the Ssangyong Tivoli, which is one of the Escudo's key rivals.

It's the same case goes to the interior because even though it has some practicality on it like most SUVs, it doesn't have the premium feel like you get in decent looking SUVs, although the analog clock on the center adds a nice touch to it.

2016 Suzuki Escudo interior

2016 Suzuki Escudo interior
Because the new Escudo looks small than what you expect, the engine that powers it is very small. It's a 1.6L M16A petrol engine derived from the Swift. It delivers a reasonable 117PS of power output and 151Nm of torque. Mated with a 6-speed automatic gearbox fuel economy is expect from 17.4km/L for 4WD model to 18.2 for 2WD model.  Even though the engine is small, it's quite peppy on the go but quite regrettable if you're pushing it too hard, even on traffic.

Like the new SX4 S-CROSS, the new Escudo features Suzuki's brand new ALLGRIP system for the 4WD model, and if you want a quick refresher, this new generation 4WD system features four driving modes selected by a knob which can adapt through any road surfaces whether if its tarmac, gravel, snow, or just when you want a sharper handling car at ease.

2016 Suzuki Escudo

Even though the Escudo is a cheap crossover full-stop, it's still high-tech in all the right places. There's also Suzuki's Radar Brake Support II system which features a device that can detect incoming vehicles or pedestrians and automatically trigger the brakes in a near collision scenario. One thing you will notice on the Escudo's tech features is the FAR/NEAR switch, which allows its detection of objects can be switched from either far or nearby objects. It's like scoping through an object like binoculars per se. Other tech features include an Emergency Stop Signal which warns drivers from behind, auto light system which automatically switches on when goring through the tunnels, and an auto wiper which automatically turns on the windshield wipers when it senses the rainy weather.

The introductory price for the new Escudo is 2,127,600 Japanese Yen, which is less costly than the previous Escudo, which is still available on the market under the "Escudo 2.4" banner for a short time only. So, should you buy one? We'll let you know if you're interested in this Suzuki SUV imported from Euro but in the meantime, there are so many SUVs which can do better than the Escudo. When your luck for SUV buying for the imminent winter has run out, you'd better off with the new Escudo instead.

Available Colors: Atlantis Turquoise Pearl Metallic/Black 2-Tone Roof,  Galactic Grey Metallic, Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic, and Cool White Pearl.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation

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