Sunday, November 8, 2015

Doctor Who S09E08

Picking up where last week's Zygon Invasion left off, The Zygon Inversion episode sees The Doctor facing a critical choice while confronting against a renegade Zygon who held Clara Oswald hostage and most of mankind are in a knife edge. Having fooled by two Osgood Boxes, The Doctor forces to use persuation to stop the war between humans and Zygons and he did. 

Looks like Bonnie, or Zygella, decided to drop the act and live in peace much as all the Zygons on Earth after all.

Now, the real mystery is that now with the war between humans and Zygons was averted by The Doctor, we're still wondering if that Osgood we're meeting with is human or Zygon and now, with another Osgood appeared, we're back to where we started but best to leave it anyway.


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