Thursday, November 19, 2015

F1 2015: Brazilian GP

Photo: Associated Press

As the climax for this season's Formula One draws near, the semi-final round held in Sao Paulo, Brazil is proven to be a heated battle not just for the two Mercedes drivers Hamilton and Rosberg, but for any Formula One driver who's got talent to impress the audiences. Even ninth-place finisher Max Verstappen from Toro Rosso is enjoying himself in the race.

In the end, Rosberg wins the Brazilian GP with Hamilton placed 2nd and Ferrari's Vettel placed third.

Onto the final standings, Lewis Hamilton's in the lead with 363 points, Nico Rosberg's in 2nd place with 297 points, and Sebastian Vettel's in 3rd place with 266 points.

The final round of the F1 2015 season will commence in Abu Dhabi on the 29th. Who will win the championship? Will this be the second time Hamilton's the world champ? Well, since he's in the lead right now, he's very likely to snag the title in the end but watch for it.

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