Monday, November 9, 2015

Forza Motorsport 6: Night Prowls

One of the cars featured on Forza Motorsport 6's eBay Motors Car Pack is what I believed to be a 21st century take on those classic open-top hotrods. It's called the Prowler, and despite its flaws, it remains a future classic that is very rare to see on today's roads.

prowler (2)

Heavily inspired from the hotrods of the pre-war era, the Prowler is a unique roadster featuring a signature chassis, which is different from existing production components, featuring an aluminum space frame.

Powering it is a 3.5L V6 engine which develops 214HP but in 1999, it was replaced with a more powerful version which develops 257PS of power while being mated with a 4-speed automatic.

There is a trivia that since its launch, a Prowler was sealed in a mausoleum as a time capsule somewhere in Oklahoma and experts are looking forward what would a Prowler look like when it was sealed when the time capsule is opened in the not too distant future, when it will be returned to Chrysler.

Although intended to be Plymouth's flagship sports car, the Plymouth brand was discontinued from 2001 and it was sold as a Chrysler Prowler thereafter until the Prowler's production discontinued a year after, with a final limited edition model of 300 cars painted in special Candy Deep Red body color. A total of 11,479 units have been produced from 1997 to 2002.


Although the 4-speed automatic gearbox sounds like it's one of the key faults why the Prowler failed to keep up against most sportscars, it's still a quick car to drive. It's so quick, you might never noticed that there's someone got his clothes stuck at one of its doors and pops up unexpectedly. Quite a surprise, eh?

Imagine if that's you driving in one of these, some guy thinks that your Prowler looks cool and then you explain all about your ride, including the fact that its V6 engine is fuel-injected, and you get off after saying bye to that fellow.

Anyway, enough chitchat for that, because even though its performance is somewhat lacking, the Prowler is one of the good definition of a grand tourer like in the case of the BMW Z8 I drove in-game.

You may find that its abilities hadn't been used properly at first but you'll be able to unlock its hidden potential beneath its bespoke chassis as I shall now demonstrate by driving round Daytona's road night because it's like referring to the AC/DC song Night Prowler. Shazbot, Nanu Nanu...

Can't believe this is the first time making an impression with this future classic in the nighttime but I'm very glad that this Prowler really is a great car to enjoy it the more you use it to find its hidden potential beneath its hotrod looks.

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