Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Forza Motorsport 6: A real Formula One legend

Now here's the racing machine straight from Forza Motorsport 6's eBay Motors Car Pack everyone will love due to its unprecedented heritage that commands their upmost respect and it's the one every Formula One aficionados in the world are particularly fond of; Ayrton Senna's McLaren-Honda MP4/4.


Arguably one of the most dominant Formula One cars of all time, the McLaren MP4/4 was known for winning 15 out of 16 races in the 1988 season. The #11 was piloted by Alain Prost while the legendary #12 was piloted by the legendary Ayrton Senna. The McLaren Formula One team scored 199 points to garner the constructor's champion title but it was Senna's performance of eight wins garnered him his world champion status for the 1988 season.

The MP4/4's design was penned by Steve Nichols and Gordon Murray. It comes with a carbon fiber honeycomb monocoque for the chassis, double wishbones with pull-rod actuated coil spings and dampers for the suspension, a Weismann-McLaren 6-speed manual gearbox, and a 1.5L Honda RA168-E V6 turbo engine, one of the most powerful Formula One engines of all time.

Neil Trundle, McLaren's Chief Mechanic, says that this Formula One machine features a lightweight body, outstanding downforce, highly efficient brakes, fantastic suspension, and a fabulous V6 Honda engine that made the MP4/4 one of the best racecars McLaren made.

I am very honored to drive one of the most successful Formula One cars of all time because of the heritage set by the legendary Ayrton Senna himself. However, don't get too excited because even though you're inside a legendary machine, you have to be very skillful enough to master its unrivaled potential hidden beneath its carbon fiber monocoque chassis because this is the ultimate F1 legend made for the chosen few.

To find out, I need to drive this F1 legend in one of the tracks the MP4/4 set foot and it's none other than Hockenheimring because the producers sent us on a time attack using the car and this track. Yep, it's a monthly challenge set by the FM producers in honor of every DLC Car Pack release.

Here's a little tidbit; during their qualifying rounds at the Hockenheimring during the 1988 season, this machine set its fastest top speed record of 207mph with both Prost and Senna behind the wheel on the 1.6km long straight.

Anyway, since we're in the modern Hockenheimring, it would be nearly impossible to pull such a thing on this car but I did managed to lap this car round the track in 1:42.124. Not the fastest lap around but doesn't matter because no matter how I did, I am very grateful to drive this legendary machine that was once driven by a Formula One legend.

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