Friday, November 6, 2015

Let's Do The News! (November 6, 2015)

- US President Barack Obama claims that a bomb was on board a Russian airliner which crashed in Egypt last weekend during an interview with a radio station. He said that the US is taking the possibility very seriously. 

- Meanwhile, UK PM David Cameron and Russian president Vladimir Putin deny the US claims regarding a bomb that brought down the Russian airliner in Egypt. Putin said that the cause of the accident should be determined based on sources. Some say that the crash would ruin Russia's reputation if they begin retaliatory strikes against the Islamic State militants for their air campaign in Syria.

- Senator Grace Poe welcomed the offer of Senator Bongbong Marcos to undergo DNA test with her to help her find her biological parents. Could it be that Grace Poe's bloodline belong to the infamous Marcos? They will have to find out whether it's true or just a myth.

- The rise of incidents involving airline passengers found to be carrying live ammunition in the midst of the "tanim-bala" extortion scam had confused most agents of the National Bureau of Investigation. There could be numerous reasons other than extortion behind the scheme that victimize most senior travelers and OFWs in most terminals of the NAIA, according to the chief of the NBI anti-organized crime division.

- The Malacanang officials defend the Aquino administration over the latest allegation from Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo over their plan to hide away the street dwellers during the upcoming APEC Summit. According to the Deputy Presidential Spokesperson, cleaning off street dwellers is part of the DSWD and they're not just doing it every time when international leaders are visiting the Philippines.

- The NASA probe, New Horizons, is on course for a new destination more than one billion kilometers beyond Pluto. New Horizons is still sending data on Pluto's atmosphere and images of the surface.

- ICYMI: Forza Motorsport 6 collaborates with Bethesda's upcoming post-nuclear role-playing shooter game, Fallout 4, with special machines in store for the players. There was a specially-themed 1956 Ford F-100 featuring the iconic Fallout mascot, Vault Boy, offered as a gift for all FM6 players in honor of next week's release of the game. Also, those who played Fallout 4 on the XBOX One may receive a retro-futuristic car straight from the world of Fallout games, a Chryslus Rocket 69, soon.

- Don't forget about tomorrow! AlDub will be making a special appearance on the grand finals of Eat Bulaga's Bulaga Pa More: Gaya Gaya Pa More! Although we're still wondering what will Alden and Yaya Dub will impersonate as...


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