Monday, November 23, 2015

Lincoln MKX - Second Generation

Some you might think that in the past, the Lincoln MKX is just a Ford Edge with some fancy bling-bling on its face, but not anymore it isn't because it's been regenerated to prove that this brand new MKX from Lincoln is a lot more different from its Ford Edge relative.

2016 Lincoln MKX
This new model looks pretty much the same as any other Lincolns in today's lineup and far from it, the new MKX looks faintly similar to its little brother, the MKC, which is Lincoln's own take to the Ford Escape crossover. So, what to expect on this new model, everyone presumes?

First, the design, and because the new MKX still comes with the signature Lincoln front like what you expect in most models, it looks kinda floppy for a luxury crossover. And when you come inside...

2016 Lincoln MKX interior
It's the same story because what you can expect is the usual Lincoln interior like you saw from most models. There's the buttons that take place of the gearbox, which is kinda weird for a car like this, the instrumental panel that looks futuristic but rather bland, and then, the useless SYNC sat-nav that most cars from the Ford Motor Company had as of now. Of course, getting in is easy but getting out is a hard thing to do because even with ample space, you still find yourself in the squeeze zone, where your legs are having a hard time finding a way out. Despite that, it's fairly comfortable and very quiet indeed, which is a proper necessity for a luxury crossover.

2016 Lincoln MKX

The most powerful in the lineup is the one with the 2.7 Ecoboost V6 engine, which generates 335hp of power and 515Nm of torque. Not only this engine's a very high-performance player in the playing field, it's surprisingly economical because it has a class-leading EPA-estimated highway fuel economy of 26mpg (city 17mpg), although actual fuel mileages can vary. It terms of handling, there's so much to bother about the new MKX. You have this Lincoln Drive Control with Continuously Controlled Damping, electric power steering, active noise control, and an optional adaptive steering which features three driving modes. Yes, we want to make it more comfortable or more sporty but it feels so wrong no matter the settings because if you try to set it to Sport, it feels like it's been solidified rather than being sharp on the handling curves.
2016 Lincoln MKX

Like good luxury crossovers, the new MKX is tech-savvy with numerous technological features offered. It comes with Enhanced Active Park Assist where this crossover can park by itself when it sees an open parking space, lane keeping system, hands-free power liftgate that can be opened automatically when you lift your feet up, and 360-degree camera, and of course, an available MyLincoln Mobile with Embedded modem, Your smartphone can be your carkey, that's science get information to you.

The new MKX starts at 38,260 US Dollars and when compared to its European rivals, that pricing sounds very promising but not as promising as what it offers you in terms of style, the interior, and the dynamics but the tech and performance is surely not half bad for the new MKX. Even though this new model is a departure of being a Ford Edge-based vehicle, there are some few kinks to work out later on. Until then, this crossover has a hard act to follow.

Photo: Ford Motor Company

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