Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Need For Speed (2015 game)

Need For Speed (PS4)

Need For Speed (XBOX One)

The longest-running hardcore car racing franchise is back and now, the latest Need For Speed game delivers the ultimate definition of car culture where everyone can express their love of cars not as a car enthusiast but as a driver who live out driving as their personal hobby.

Drivers are welcomed in the nocturnal open-world landscape of Ventura Bay as they are free to do whatever the heck they want with their rides. In the new NFS, there are many ways to enjoy Ventura Bay you like as demonstrated by the biggest names in the car culture scene. You can race against your rivals, outrun the cops, perform stunts, customize your ride to make it unique, and form alliances so you'll never race alone.

From Japanese street tuners, European saloons, American muscle cars, to supercars, every car in Need For Speed is unique to the driver and to make them even more unique, they can customize it any way they like.

Yes, customization is mentioned and in Need For Speed, you now have many ways to customize your ride from visuals to performance upgrades. 

On the visual side, drivers can personalize it with body kits, wheels, aero parts, and of course, paint jobs. Although the new feature feels a bit limited, creating paint jobs for their favorite cars adds a nice impression to show the world your favorite car looks like. As for performance, feel free to upgrade whatever suits the situation such as adding more power, making it more driftable, more easier to handle, whatever floats you boat but remember, all cars differ to their performance so experiment upgrading with different rides and find out which setup fits your next race or which is great for escaping the cops.

Thanks to next-generation gaming, the graphics never felt more realistic than ever before and the way you play NFS is nothing like you've ever played before. That's an upside for this game as well as the customizations and many others but the downside goes to the choice of cars. Sure, you might have early access to future machines such as the all-new Ford Focus RS and the BMW M2 Coupe but while the current NFS car lineup is a great start, it feels somewhat lacking. Let's hope some DLC will remedy it but its too early to tell so you have to make do with all the rides offered in-game.

Another downside is when playing off-line, single-player gameplay is allowed but if you want to connect to multiplayer, you need subscription to either PlayStation Plus or XBOX Live Gold to do so, which is kinda lame because we miss the split-screen multiplayer goodness where you and your friends can enjoy this game anytime.

Although this may not be one of the best racing games of 2015, the newly reborn NFS game is a sure fire way to attract car lovers who share their passion for the car culture scene and with car culture is the key essence of this game, this is definitely the NFS game you want to have if you're a series veteran or newcomer alike.

Need For Speed is now available on the PS4 and XBOX One, and coming Spring 2016 for the PC.

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