Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pokemon Rumble World

Pokemon Rumble World

It's the biggest and the most enjoyable Pokemon Rumble adventure ever and on this latest installment of the Pokemon Rumble games, YOU are the star of the story and so is everyone in the kingdom of Pokemons and as the hero of the story, you set off an adventure to foil the Magician's plot to take over the kingdom, while you collect toy Pokemons and use them to your advantage. Thanks to Streetpass and Spotpass, eveyone's Mii can join in the fun in the kingdom of Pokemon. Who knows how many Miis you'll encounter here.

Of course, Pokemon Rumble World (日本名:みんなのポケモンスクランブル) is available at the Nintendo eShop as a free download so why you may ask that there is now a physical packaged version of the said game? Simple, really. It's the full package of Pokemon Rumble World for those who haven't played it for the very first time and for the packaged version, you receive 3,000 Poke Diamonds (in-game premium currency that you can buy it on the eShop) for use to purchase upgrades and new balloons that can take you to different areas and collect many toy Pokemons for your own liking. In later parts of the game, you can use Poke Diamonds to purchase Mega Stones on selected Pokemons, learn new moves you've encountered to your Pokemon, and in rare cases, restore rusty Pokemon to make them usable.

In tradition of Pokemon Rumble games, it takes luck to collect certain toy Pokemons and when they reached the boss area, you just have to pray that you've made it wobbly enough to grab it or if you're lucky, you might see some sparkles on the boss toy Pokemon, meaning that it's a sign that you are going to grab it 100 percent. Simply collecting it isn't enough because as you keep playing, toy Pokemons (including ones you've already own) becoming more powerful so it's crucial that you can keep collecting and use it on tougher quests and battle royales.

There are 719 Pokemon to collect from Bulbasaur to Diancie as well as Pokemon with different forms such as Castform, Keldeo, Vivillon, Burmy, Gastrodon, and others. Just how many toy Pokemons can you collect, keep playing and find which is your favorite. If you think your toy Pokemon of your choosing is your favorite, you can show it to the world via Mii Settings on the Profile.

The packaged version of Pokemon Rumble World is available now for 3,700 Yen and apart from the full game, it comes loaded with 3,000 Poke Diamonds as well as other perks. Be the star in this game and have fun collecting as many toy Pokemons as you want!

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