Thursday, November 19, 2015

Super GT 2015 highlights

For eight rounds, this 2015 season of the Super GT race series has been quite a thrilling feat for JDM lovers everywhere who just can't get enough of Japanese (or foreign) touring cars racing through Asia's finest racetracks. From GT500 favorites such as the Nissan GT-R, Lexus RC-F, and the Honda NSX, to peculiar GT300 machines such as the Toyota Prius, Mercedes SLS AMG, to Honda CR-Z, no one said that any touring car race is more exciting than the Super GT series.

Here's the quick digest of the eight-round Super GT 2015 season from start to finish. On the first round of the Super GT 2015 season in Okayama, the #32 KeePer TOM'S RC F placed 1st in the GT500 class with the #31 TOYOTA PRIUS apr GT placed 1st in the GT300 class. In Fuji Speedway for the 2nd round,  the #1 MOTUL AUTECH GT-R for the GT500 class and the #10 GAINER TANAX GT-R for the GT300 class are the winners for the second round. In Round 3 at Thailand, the #46 S Road MOLA GT-R (GT500) and the #3 B-MAX NDDP GT-R (GT300) stood out to become winners. The fourth round back at Fuji sees the victory of the #24 D'station ADVAN GT-R in GT500 and the #55 ARTA CR-Z GT in GT300. In Suzuka for round five, it's a kudos for the #36 PETRONAS TOM'S RC F and the #`0 GAINER TANAX GT-R. Sixth round in Sugo is a lucky round for the #100 RAYBRIG NSX CONCEPT-GT and the  #25 VivaC 86 MC. The semi-finals at Autopolis sees impressive wins for the #1 MOTUL AUTECH GT-R and the #3 B-MAX NDDP GT-R. And finally, in the final round at Twin Ring Motegi, the #37 KeePer TOM'S RC F scored a win at the GT500 class while the #31 TOYOTA PRIUS apr GT performed brilliantly in the GT300 class.

#1 MOTUL Autech GT-R

The winner of the 2015 Super GT season is the #1 MOTUL Autech GT-R for the GT500 class, driven by Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli while the GT300 overall winner goes to the #10 GAINER TANAX GT-R, driven by Andre Couto and Katsumasa Chiyo. A back-to-back win for Nissan! Well done!

Photo: Nissan Motor Corporation

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