Sunday, December 6, 2015

Doctor Who S09 Finale

Doctor Who S09 Finale

Well, it had to happened. The finale of the current season of Doctor Who, titled Hell Bent, sees The Doctor in his home planet of Gallifrey as he tries to set things right, figure out the Hybrid presence, and in due course, avert the death of Clara Oswald. Of course, since he summoned the Clara Oswald that she was going to die, he stirred some chaos against The General and the other Gallifreyan soldiers, while making their way to the database.

As they make it to the database loaded with numerous enemies chained in wires, The Doctor managed to hijacked a working TARDIS and travelled alongside Clara to the end of time itself where he made a fateful encounter with Ashildr, or better known to her as Me.

With The Doctor confronting Ashildr...errr...Me, it is revealed that the Hybrid that was once prophesied was none other than, well, you guessed, The Doctor himself! Now, how come he didn't realized in the very beginning?

As truths come by, he wanted to save Clara by erasing her memories using the neuron block he obtained from the depths of Gallifrey but the only person who lost the memories at the flick of the block was The Doctor. He passed out and zapped into a mysterious place.

Of course, you may remember that the American diner we saw in the episode looks fairly familiar to the one we saw at the start of the sixth season four years ago but for an even bigger treat in store in the finale, the original TARDIS interior as seen when the first Doctor Who began in 1963 makes an appearance when The Doctor hijacked one to save Clara.

Now, the TARDIS that was recently hijacked by The Doctor is now under Ashildr and Clara's hands and as for The Doctor, back to the real police box-shaped TARDIS he truly set foot and in the end of the episode, a brand new sonic screwdriver was unveiled. Yes. it's brand new and very bluish.

Check out the BTS clip on how the Twelfth Doctor's new Sonic Screwdriver is made:

This new look makes us extremely jealous but how will that new look perform? We'll just have to wait till Christmas Day 2015 when The Husbands of River Song takes place. Oh and expect another sonic gadget in the Christmas special as well!

Now, some more BTS from the Season 9 ender with Maisie Williams, who played Ashildr...errr...Me in the show.

Of course, with Jenna Coleman's time as Clara is well and truly over, some BTS clips highlighting Jenna's life in the TARDIS.

That's it for Season 9 of BBC's Doctor Who but The Doctor will return in The Husbands of River Song this Christmas season. We are getting extremely jealous over the new look of The Twelfth Doctor's sonic screwdriver but for now, time for some well-deserved rest.

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