Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kalyeserye's aftermath of losing the mansion

Photo: Official Eat Bulaga
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It was a sad day for Lola Nidora and her sisters as well as Yaya Dub because on the recent Kalyeserye segment on Eat Bulaga, the girls got evicted from their beloved mansion because of the dreadful court order. They packed themselves up alongside the Rogelios and they have left the mansion for good. With the mansion no longer part of Lola Nidora's life for now, the Kalye's Angels have ventured out to find a new home. Of course, even though Alden Richards' very busy in the Broadway Centrum, he remains faithful and trustworthy to Lola Nidora, her sisters, and Yaya Dub.

So, what will the lolas and Yaya Dub do now? Will they be able to find a new place called home? Will they be able to recover themselves after series of setbacks that dragged them down to their knees? Keep watching Eat Bulaga every weekdays for more Kalyeserye antics.

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