Sunday, December 20, 2015

Migo and Klea named as Starstruck's ultimate survivors

Over the past few weeks, the sixth season of Starstruck pushed the aspiring hopefuls to the limit, overcoming their weaknesses, uncover their strengths, and showcasing their full potential when it comes to acting. In The Final Judgment of this season, one male and one female are named as the Ultimate Survivors of this season.

Klea Pineda is named as the ultimate female survivor while Migo Adecer is named as the ultimate male survivor. Both of them earned one million pesos, a new house and lot courtesy of Camelia, and a management contract by GMA Network. They even got a chance to be part of an upcoming remake of one of GMA's TV drama classics.

Congratulations to the ultimate survivors and the avengers for dreaming, believing, and surviving till the very end.

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