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The ten best AlDub moments of 2015

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As you may know, today, even though this is the last day of the year 2015, marks the 24th weeksary of AlDub, the love team that made famous in Eat Bulaga's kalyeserye segment since their first split screen encounter last July. Anyway, as AlDub Nations bid farewell to the year 2015, time to jot down the best ten moments in the story of AlDub.

1) Their first encounter between Alden Richards and Yaya Dub occurred in the 16th of July, 2015, and what was her first DubSmash to Alden when they first met? Something Chinese, I presume.

2) The YaKie weddings made a huge impact in the story of AlDub. When Alden's going to rush at the wedding of Yaya Dub and Frankie Arinolli to stop it, Yaya Dub got fainted and when Alden's arrived, it was too late. Onto the second wedding, it was revealed that this wedding between Yaya Dub and Frankie's a fake. Even the doctor and the priest is fake as well!

3) Their Dabarkads Pa More performance, on their first try, is surely one moment they will never forget. After Alden's performance onstage, he gets dragged by Lola Nidora and her Rogelio men backstage while Yaya Dub's next. While Lola Nidora tries to make sure Alden will suffer while Yaya Dub performs, Yaya Dub impresses the crowd with her Cinderella-like performance and when her performance ended, Alden's going to rush through the entire Broadway to chase Yaya Dub until it's too late. Yaya Dub got on the jeepney and her missing slipper ended at Alden's hands.

4) The wildcard performance between Alden and Yaya Dub on Dabarkads Pa More is also one of the best AlDub moments in history because right after their performance, Alden and Yaya Dub made their first encounter. They were going to approach each other until Lola Nidora dropped the plywood between them. After the whole plywood fiasco, some unknown men kidnapped Yaya Dub and this is where the search for Yaya Dub began.

5) Another AlDub moment every AlDub Nation remembered is the kidnappings and it was revealed that Duhrizz is the main culprit behind the AlDub kidnappings, which made everyone shocked in awe.

6) On their first date backstage, Alden and Yaya Dub could have made the best day of their lives but then an alarm clock caused Yaya Dub to rush back to Lola Nidora until a car accident occurred. On their second date, this time at the De Explorer mansion, they had the best date ever even with some interruptions caused by Lola Nidora's sisters, Tidora and Tinidora. This is the first time we hear Yaya Dub talked at the very end.

7) The Bahay Ni Lola Halloween Special of Kalyeserye is also one of the best AlDub moments of 2015. Alden, Yaya Dub, and the Kalye's Angels brace themselves as they enter a haunted house that Lola Nidora's diary of secrets foretold. A house known as..."Bahay Ni Lola"!

Having managed to brace themselves in fear and a little bit of AlDub Dubsmash chemistry, they've survived and snagged the jewelry box as foretold by a message.

Inside that jewelry box, there was a message saying that a ring is inside...and it was! Alden grabbed hold of the ring and he was going to wear it on Yaya Dub's finger but then...well, you get the idea.

8) Kalyeserye does Gaya-Gaya Pa More! Shortly after the celebrities performing their best impersonations in Bulaga Pa More's Gaya-Gaya Pa More competition, fans have witness what celebrity impersonation will AlDub pull off and it was none other than Guy and Pip, the legendary love team in Philippine showbizness.

9) AlDub goes to Enchanted Kingdom! Before going to Enchanted Kingdom, first they have to attend a Christmas party alongside Lola Nidora, Tidora, and Tinidora as they will give gifts to the little children and have games in a form of a calamansi relay. After a short Christmas party, Alden and Yaya are off to the said location and hoping that they will follow what Lola Nidora promised. Of course, Tidora and Tinidora are tailing them while on Enchanted Kingdom and alongside the sisters is none other than everyone's favorite doctor/explorer, Doktora de Explorer! Muy bien!

10) In the 24th of October, 2015, the world is all one when everyone at the Philippine Arena, at home, at a viewing party, or abroad witnessed the biggest AlDub event of a lifetime when Alden Richards and Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza finally made it "Sa Tamang Panahon".

It was a star-studded cast with all the Eat Bulaga presenters as well as the Kalyeserye characters present to unleash their own brand of joy to the mass audience and it all builds up to the arrival of AlDub. Too bad no kiss occurred but that's fine by them to see these two finally close to each other having managed to survive through tons of challenges in their never-ending quest for forever. Of course, no event is too colorful without Lola Nidora, Tidora, Tinidora, Duhrizz, Rihanna, Frankie, the Rogelios, the Bernardos, and the Quandos present.

It's a dream come true to witness AlDub matured through the weeks and thanks to the viewers like you, forever truly exists.

BONUS: AlDub first movie appearance in their comedy flick My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore, which also stars Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai Delas Alas. This film is named as the third best picture in the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival with Yaya Dub named best actress.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed the best of AlDub in the year 2015 and here's for more AlDub antics in the year 2016 and beyond. Until then, AlDub you!

*Pabebe Wave

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