Thursday, December 10, 2015

There's something hidden in the Mona Lisa portrait

Looks like the world got shocked over the shocking discovery by a French scientist regarding what's hidden underneath the legendary Leonardo da Vinci painting of Mona Lisa.

An expert known as Pascal Cotte has spent the decade observing the hidden mystery behind the legendary Mona Lisa painting using science and technology, well, reflective light technology to be fairly exact. A reconstruction shows there was an hidden image of a sitter looking off to the side, which shows no trace of her enigmatic smile, which puzzled most art lovers for over five centuries.

The Louvre Museum, where the legendary painting was portrayed, have no comments as of now because his claims was not part of the scientific team. His claims regarding what's hidden behind the painting are controversial and have divided opinion among experts.

Comments? Well, it maybe as mysterious as the one we saw on The Da Vinci Code but it's even more bizarre than the City of Death arc of Classic Doctor Who. Anyone remember that?  Well, you get the idea.


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