Saturday, December 12, 2015

Things we learned from the 2015 Tekken Finals

Photo: Official Bandai Namco US Instagram (@bandainamcous)

With the latest installment of the hard-hitting Tekken franchise, Tekken 7, is in full swing in the arcades and while we're still waiting for the PS4 version to arrive soon (yes, really), the best of Tekken gamers from around the globe sharpen their skills on playing Tekken 7 and then work their way up to this year's Tekken World Finals, where the grand winner will receive 3,000,000 Japanese Yen in cash and more.

We have learned that a gamer named Nobi from Japan has named as the grand champion of this year's Tekken finals after winning the final round against South Korean Tekken player knee, but that win is more than just experiencing the best of Tekken veterans blowing the competition on Tekken 7. There are some huge announcements happened in the World Finals and get this; Bandai Namco announced a major update on the Tekken 7 arcade game called FATED RETRIBUTION.

In the FATED RETRIBUTION update, not only new characters, outfits, and graphic updates are added to the mix but there is one special guest appearing on the latest update on Tekken 7. Yep, it's Akuma (Gouki) from the Street Fighter games and this ultimate baddie is raising hell on Tekken 7. You have been warned.

It's coming soon at your local arcades near you. Most Tekken fans can't contain their excitement over the major update on Bandai Namco's hard-hitting fighting franchise ever made and so are we.

So, GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE, ladies and gentlemen.

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