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On the January 23, 2015 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Buking gags

- Istambay, Istambay sa Looban, May Bagong Salta sa 'ting Tambayan, Lalaking Champion daw sa Kantahan, Di Rin Siya Aatrasan sa...PORMAHAN?!

- IKAW AT ANG INA takes on...the Networking Business!

- One of Don Cantoni's associates felt the tense...

- Spoof trailers!

Anak Salabat
Inspector Budget

- More meddling from Lala Ytera!

- The choir's gone out of tune.

- Some lucky prisoners running some other establishments in the prison!

Welcome to Fabulous Bilibit Prison

- More words to live by from Tata Lino!

  • Ang eyebugs, pag malaki, ipagmalaki mo yan dahil sa lahat ng bagay, yan ang tunay na pinagpuyatan.
  • Totoo ang forever pero makinig ka ng mabuti. Wag kang maniniwala pag wala kang brilliante.
  • Ang crush mo, para hindi ka makalimutan, utangan mo siya. Tapos, huwag mo siya bayaran.
  • Marami sa kabataan, maraming kalokohan. Dadaanin ka sa matamis na usapan. Text mo sakin ang address mo para madaanan kita. Ako'y matanda pero mapagkatiwalaan!
- One woman's habit of taking a botox takes on a completely different turn.

- Who killed Rizal? Go read a book, please...

- Granny knows best...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Let's Do The News! (January 23, 2015)

Welcome back. Here is your current sitrep:

- King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia dies at the age of 90. It's just been confirmed by the royal officials due to his lung infection. Abdullah took over the kingdom ten years ago but faced health problems in recent years. His 79-year-old brother, Salman, was named the new king of KSA.

- Former Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra was impeached over the rice subsidy scheme. The top legislators of Thailand have voted to impeach her and ban her from politics for five years. Keep that in mind that Yingluck was ousted last year before a military coup ousted her government.

- The mother of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, one of the reported journalists held captive by ISIS, has called on the militants to release her son. She said that the held journalist is not a threat to the Islamic State. A purported member of ISIS threatens to kill the captive journalist and another man unless a ransom is paid within 72 hours.

- Meanwhile, Japan PM Shinzo Abe urged the Cabinet to do whatever they got to save the two Japanese nationals taken hostage by ISIS militants.

- Town officials told the Sandiganbayan that they didn't receive the agricultural and livelihood kits promised to them by the foundations linked to PDAF scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles.

- Actor Edgar Allan Guzman leaves TV5 with no reason why.

- Jessie's Cameron Boyce will star on the upcoming Disney XD comedy series Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything, coming this summer.

- Ford confirms unveiling of their next-gen Focus RS this February.


Tales of Zestiria

Tales of Zestiria

Since the first ever Tales of game launched in late 1995, the Tales of series from Namco has been the forefront of Japanese RPG history. As the franchise keeps evolving into new and exciting ways that will keep JRPG fans longing for more tales, fans will really keep looking forward for the series' 20th year this 2015.

Bandai Namco kicks off the Tales series' 20th birthday with the brand new addition to the Namco Tales family and it's called Tales of Zestiria.

According to the people behind the scenes, the latest installment of the long-running Tales franchise is classified as an "RPG where passion lights up the world" and because 2015 is the Tales of's 20th birthday, they want this latest installment to be the template for the series' future just like what other past Tales titles done for the fans worldwide. For this new chapter in Tales history, Tales of Zestiria will hopefully garner a new set of fans, old and new alike, thanks to new and exciting features as well as the storytelling which has been the forefront of the Tales of series.

Amazingly, Tales of Zestiria is a hybrid game because not only it has the main game on it but also comes with the complete TV mini-series of the same title, serving as the taste of what lies ahead of the main character Sorey and his allies on their epic journey to save the world from an imminent threat, so you can experience the dramatic storyline that you can expect once you start the game and go on an epic journey as Sorey and his friends.

The battle system has been evolved from the past Tales of games and now, TOZ features a brand new "Fusonic Chain - Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS)" which gives the series' real-time battle system a whole new overhaul and features a gauge that allows characters free battle to their heart's content and effects such as healing and blowing away enemies are usable. Also, this battle system comes with the brand new "Kamui" feature and don't tell them what that is because this feature lets Sorey join forces with Heavenly Beings such as Lailah, changing his form and unleash a barrage of powers to blow away the opposition. Now this is a strategic work players need to master if they want to survive the battlefield.

Aside from new ways to battle, there are other ways to do on foot as well. You can engage in a chat sequence (which is kinda like the skit part from past titles), clear obstacles, accessorize your characters with new outfits and accessories, engage in optional subevents, test your battle skills on the colosseum, and so much more. There are so much to do while you're taking a break on the main quest or if you need a little boost on what lies ahead.

There are DLC contents heading your way on Tales of Zestiria, as well as collaboration ones from Evangelion, Capcom's Sengoku Basara, God Eater 2, and of course, The iDOLM@STER. Expect more DLC items heading your way, especially those that can make a match not just for Sorey, but also Rose, Leilah, Edna, Alisha, and more!

So, how come we sum this game up? Well, while this game remains available only to Japan while Bandai Namco awaiting their decision for its global debut, the latest chapter of the Tales of series sees this franchise grow into new and exciting ways that fuels not just Tales veterans but also newcomers as well. There's so much to love about TOZ and we think that's enough for that.

Overall, Tales Of Zestiria is definitely the best present for the series' 20th anniversary since 1995's Tales of Phantasia.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Japan's prototype stealth aircraft becomes playable in Ace Combat Infinity


Once as Japan's experimental aircraft that made headlines on the press, now became a playable aircraft in the PS3-exclusive free-to-play Ace Combat Infinity game as Bandai Namco Games released this month's update to their F2P flight shooting game where over 2 million players have been downloaded this game.

For whatever reasons, it's been named as the ATD-0 and according to the in-game description, it features technology such as a sensor, avionics, and a weapon system allowing it to obtain data from the battlefield. In-game, Japan's prototype fifth-generation fighter jet can be armed with 4AAM, QAAM, and SAAM, if the player levelled up this plane's performance crucial on surviving the aerial warfare. For the first time, players can get their hands on Japan's prototype fifth-generation fighter jet that caused headlines from Japanese media.

Also on the January update, three fan-favorite Ace Combat original fighter jets have been added to the list such as the X-02 Wyvern from Ace Combat 04 Shattered Skies, ADF-01 FALKEN from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, and the ADFX-01 Morgan from Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.

Due to the addition of the Morgan on the Standard Aircraft lineup, two special Morgan planes previously appeared last year have been renamed as ADFX-01 -Pixy- and ADFX-01 -Block1-. There has been no changes to their performance or capabilities. Up until March 4, 2015, those two special Morgan planes are available on the Special Supply Items Catalog for a limited time only. If you haven't got either of the two special Morgans and if you got enough Special Supply Tickets, now's the time to do it!

There's a new Special Raid Mission for this month's update and for a limited-time, engage on the brand new Satellite Interception special raid mission where you and your fellow pilots are tasked to destroy the SOLG (the military satellite from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War) before it smashes to the ground. Remember the time The Ghosts of Razgriz destroyed the SOLG and saved the Osean capital city Oured at the finale? Time to relive the epic moment when you had the chance!

Lastly, there's now a HARD difficulty on the Pipeline Destruction online co-op mission. Be prepared because the enemy forces stationed on the so-called Troia Route now come with extreme firepower.

More improvements and corrections have been made on the January update but be sure to check it out once you're prepared for your next sortie!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: Probably one of the best STis ever made


What's not to like about the mythical Subaru Impreza 22B STi for the time being? It maybe a road-going version of the rally car that dominated the World Rally Championship in the 90's but amazingly, this blast from the past can really handle any road surface it see fit. Because most Scoobys are renowned for its breakthrough 4WD drivetrain that is beyond compare than any other 4WD systems, even its rival Mitsubishi trying to imitate to the very end, the 22B STi, which is based on the coupe version of the first-gen WRX STi, which is based on the Impreza Retna, enjoys its cult following among speedo boys everywhere even when it was ceased to exist from history, not even the rear-wheel drive BRZ cut its mustard from its face.

Yes. I do love driving the BRZ because it's a rear-wheel drive coupe that gave Subaru a new spin (despite the fact that it was actually a Toyota 86 from a Subarist's point of view) but this one is still one of the best Subarus ever made in history.

It's probably one of the best STis ever made because it was heavily inspired from the championship-winning rally car from its glorious past. It's too bad Subaru lost its rally heritage ever since its withdrawal from the WRC but it has found competitive spirit on the track even at the Nurburgring.

22b (2)

Since this is Horizon 2, I want the 22B STi to relive its glorious past, either on and off the road, and to find out, I've signed into a championship made specifically for 90s rally cars like this Subie. But first...

22b (3)

Now that's a look only speedo boys would love. Since body kits are adding the weight of this car, I decide to counter it with the cheapest weight loss available while retaining its performance index suitable for this car. Although, the power output hasn't been fiddled due to its performance index that I'm afraid I might go over from its limits, the weight loss and the added drag should be enough to be more competitive in a race of 90s rally icons.

With the 22B bagged me a step closer towards the finale, I guess I decided to give this car a little break by taking a road trip back to the Horizon Festival. Hard work really pays off to fulfill the dream of reaching the finale!

Looks like it's time for me to take a break for now but with only six more championships left before unlocking the finale, our journey continues.

San Miguel Beermen wins the PBA Philippine Cup

Image: San Miguel Beermen Beerkada Facebook page

After their decade-long decay over the PBA Philippine Cup, the San Miguel Beermen finally emerged as the 2015 PBA Philippine Cup Champions after defeating the Alaska Aces at the score of 80-78 on the seventh and the final game of the 2015 PBA Philippine Cup held at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum earlier. SMB's June Mar Fajardo and Arwind Santos was named as this year's MVPs due to their outstanding performance that wowed the crowd to victory.

Let's Do The News! (January 21, 2015)

Welcome back. Here is your current sitrep:

- In his recent State of Union address, US President Barack Obama declared an end of the global financial crisis and pledged economic policies to benefit all Americans but such plans are deemed to be unlikely from the eyes of Republicans, who are now took control of both the House and the Senate.

- According to French PM Manuel Valls, France will boost counter-terrorism measures by creating 2,680 new jobs and boost spending by 425 million Euros following the Paris attacks that killed 17 people by Islamists.

- Following the captive of two Japanese journalists by ISIS, Japan PM Shinzo Abe pledged that this nation will not bow to terrorism and will do everything to save the captives. He returned to Tokyo after his Middle East tour that began last week.

- Chin Shunshin, a renowned Taiwanese-Japanese novelist who won Japan's Naoki Prize in 1969 for his work "The Sapphire Lion Incense Burner" died at the age of 90 at a hospital in Kobe, Japan,

- Mercedes-AMG signals the end of the M157 5.5L V8 BiTurbo engine by phasing out this engine after 2016. The upcoming GLE63 AMG Coupe was reportedly to be the last Mercedes-AMG engine to use this engine as they make the transition to its smaller 4.0L V8 BiTurbo engine first applied on the Mercedes-AMG GT sportscar.

- ICYMI: The German Grand Prix on the upcoming F1 2015 season has moved from the Nurburgring GP Circuit to the Hockenheimring.

- Developer Scott Games unveiled a teaser pic for the upcoming third installment of the ever popular Five Nights at Freddy's app game.

- Hanayo Koizumi from the Love Live! anime series gets the Nendoroid treatment! She's available this May for 3,241 Yen (plus tax). Another part to complete the girls of μ's!

- Meanwhile, Good Smile Company also announced another Takane Shijou figure from The iDOLM@STER, only this time, it replicated her pose as seen on the anime DVD/Blu-Ray cover. Made under the Phat! brand, this figure costs 8,000 Yen (plus tax) when she arrives this July. Time to get our fat checkbooks ready!

- Atoy Llave, the founder of ATOY Bodykits, made an amphibious trike called the Salamander by H20 Technologies. The Salamander could be the answer to the Philippines' flood problems because it can travel from both land and sea. It's powered by two powerplant choices; an 5kW electric motor or a 250cc internal combustion engine. It can seat up to six people (four in water). So far, it remains a prototype for now due to lack of funding. Let's hope they'll approach to a nearest Shark or Dragon and wait for their approval to invest on these.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

G-Power's S63 AMG Coupe makes more power!

G-Power S63 AMG Coupe

Just because 585PS of power from its AMG 5.5L V8 twin turbo engine wasn't enough to satisfy your love for power, the folks from G-Power has tuned the S63 AMG Coupe to be as powerful as supercars can get! G-Power was known for tuning BMWs but now, they've tuned Mercedes cars as well especially as this one.

Thanks to some improvements to the AMG's 5.5L V8 BiTurbo engine that powers it especially with the additional control unit, this tuned S63 now generates up to 705PS of power and 1,000Nm of torque. 0-100kph is now 3.8 seconds and it can keep going all the way to 330kph.

Styling-wise, it wears 21-inch forged wheels wrapped with Michelin tires.

This tuning package costs 6,898 euros while the additional wheelset bumps the price to 9,095 euros.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Let's Do The News! (January 19, 2015)

Welcome back. Here is your current sitrep:

- In Game 6 of the PBA Philippine Cup Finals, the Alaska Aces leveled the score at 3 wins each against the San Miguel Beermen after their 87-76 win, forcing them to the final game of the finals. Game 7 will find out who wins the title this Wednesday.

- The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will be playing at this year's Super Bowl XLIX!

- Chad sent its forces at the request of Cameroon for a joint ops against the Islamist group Boko Haram.

- Chinese authorities detained over 1,200 people since last May in an operation to prevent illegal exists from the country. A majority of them are believed to be ethnic Uygurs.

- Japan PM Shinzo Abe says that his country will play an important role to achieve peace in the Middle East. He was speaking at a joint news conference with his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Monday and he also said he wants to offer candid advice to both Israelis and Palestinians as a true friends. He's planning to visit the Palestinian territories on Tuesday.

- The European Union urges broad alliance against terrorism following the three days of Paris attacks caused by Islamists especially the Charlie Hebdo attack and the uncovered plot from Belgium to spread terrorism throughout Europe.

- Investigators believed that the crash of AirAsia QZ8501 was not likely due to terrorism after numerous analysis on the cockpit's voice recorder but there are signs that it was caused by bad weather.

- If you missed the livestreaming special featuring the an exclusive preview of Top Gear Series 22, that is set to air globally after UK airing next week, watch here:

- In case you missed it: Shooting for the upcoming Series 9 of Doctor Who has commenced. The upcoming series of BBC's hit TV show which stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman returns this late 2015.


Pope Francis in PH - Conclusion

Photo: BBC

January 18, 2015

Over six million Filipinos have been gathered at the beautiful Rizal Park last Sunday just to attend the biggest open-air mass held by Pope Francis. That is a million more than how many Filipinos gathered for Blessed John Pope II's visit in the Philippines back in 1995. The biggest mass in Filipino history is Pope Francis' last full day in the Philippines and despite the heavy rain pouring on the nation's capital due to Tropical Storm Mekhala/Amang, those six million devotees became very defiant enough to see the Pope for one final time. It was even seen on national television as well for those who couldn't make it to the venue.

And here the curtain falls on Pope Francis' Philippine tour but that does not mean that our experiences during the papal visit will end. The moments we learned during his arrival will always be remembered for generations to come.

Further reading: 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pope Francis in PH - Part Three

Photo: Interaksyon/TV5

January 17, 2015

It is the third day of Pope Francis' PH tour and despite strong winds and pouring rain because of the imminent Typhoon Mekhala/Amang, not to mentioned a plane carrying officials made an emergency landing at Tacloban airport, he managed to get through the city that was heavily devastated by Superstorm Haiyan/Yolanda in 2013. The worshippers are so defiant, they've braved the harsh weather just to say hi to the Pope. Because his stay at the Visayas region was cut short due to Typhoon Mekhala/Amang, the Pope apologized the public, especially those in Leyte, because he..."had something prepared especially for them".

There was a report about one woman killed after the mass, when one of the scaffolding near the stage collapsed.

With his Visayas leg cut short due to the tropical storm, the Pope is heading back to the capital to stage a mass held at the Rizal Park where ten thousands of crowds will be gathered.

Further reading:



American Sniper (2015 film)

NAVY Seal Chris Kyle (1974-2013) has been feared and respected as the most lethal sniper in US military history. From 1999 to 2009, he has the most number of sniper kills in history and the Pentagon confirmed that he scored over 150 kills, exceeding the average American record of 109 kills, although declined to have it verified to the public. He was awarded two Silver Stars, five Bronze stars with Valor, and numerous accolades for his outstanding military records.

Based on the best selling novel according to the New York Times and directed by the masterful Clint Eastwood, American Sniper is a powerful biopic which stars Bradley Cooper as NAVY Seal Chris Kyle as moviegoers are going to capture the life and times of a soldier that inspires both fear and admiration from his enemies and allies. From his humble past up to his decade-long career as a soldier, American Sniper delivers a powerful feel that no other war movies in history could possess.

Every time this movie progresses, we're starting to getting to know more about this feared sniper everyone's been talking about from the US military. If the man in question has survived, he would have felt a slight smile in his face upon witnessing his memoir come to life, although we weren't able to meet the NAVY Seal behind this story. Actually, it's questionable if he ever did exist.

Although mixed in reactions, whether this film is either good or bad, this war movie is the main reason why we all want to go to the movies. People who witnessed it want to burn his image to their own memories and they weren't the only ones around here who witnessed it. Last year's war memoirs like Lone Survivor and Unbroken done a pretty good job delivering an unforgettable tale about how they lived to tell the tale about their experiences during the war but for American Sniper, this has been one of the most powerful war memoirs ever experienced because it delivers a "first look", "first shoot", and "first kill" experience moviegoers looking forward to. With the drama, action, and suspense, blended together, this biopic can be a great recipe of success.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5
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