Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Cute Wall (Volume Five)

Now, the moment of truth is time and it's been awhile since we got zapped by that pesky Excalibur but don't worry. Those flying aces have taken care of it because it's now time to do...THE CUTE WALL!

How great it is to have this segment back after a short break. Anyway, let's continue where we left off with...

Queen Delightful

...that's right! Queen Delightful from The 7D. Anyway, me and my pal trying to decide where should we put her on the Cute Wall until we got zapped by the Excalibur. Sheesh... I wonder what kind of d-day weapon's going to zap us next? Stonehenge? Chandelier? The Balaur? Anyway, never mind about that but what do you think about her?

(audience murmuring)

I tell you where to put it...

(audience laughing)

Well, well...Look who's decided to show up.

That's right. And before the risk of getting zapped by the Excalibur again, mind if you give me that?

(audience laughing)

Wait, why did you put it in CUTE. I was going to put it anyway before you showed up.

Time-efficient, eh?

(audience laughing)

So we don't wanna get zapped by Excalibur while arguing, right?

(Annoyed grunt) Okay, right. Next up...


Hold on. Is that Iris's Axew from the Pokemon Black and White anime?

Sure is.

Before you put it, let me just say something about this, right?

Oh my gas...

You know any idea why I don't see any girl in the convention dressed as BW's Iris?

Maybe that's because they didn't see the Pokemon Black and White anime a few years ago.

(audience laughing)

Precisely. I don't see any Iris cosplays today. When I see people dressed as their Pokemon BW characters, why there are some girls dressed as those female main characters that never appeared on the BW anime. Why do they dressed as those main girls not in the anime rather than Iris? Here's a top tip: DRESS AS CHARACTERS APPEARED ON THE ANIME, NOT ON THE GAMES!

(audience laughing)

Okay. That's good call but can you tell me the girls that didn't appeared on the BW anime and featured Iris instead of either of them?

Hilda and Rosa

Oh. So your point is that you should tell any girl who dressed as their favorite Black and White character not to dress as either Hilda or Rosa and instead dressed as Iris because both Hilda and Rosa never appeared on the BW anime series. Are you implying that anime is definitely better than video games?!

(audience laughing)

Yes. And for those who are going to dress as Serena from Pokemon XY, follow the anime guidelines and stick to her new outfit just like you saw from the anime. Besides. I'm sick of every girl dressed in her old clothes, you know.

(audience laughing)

Okay. Enough of the public service nonsense. Anyway, where should we put Axew?

I'll tell you where to put Iris' favorite Dragon-type Pokemon. It's on the CUTE section!

(audience laughing)

Wow. You're starting to get more serious right now.

(audience laughing)

Yes. Again, time-saving measures in the hopes that we don't get zapped by Excalibur again.

(audience laughing)


Who's that? I've never seen this kind of cute character.

That's Jibanyan from Yokai Watch. There was a video game, then they have an anime show on TV Tokyo, just like Pokemon. The kids love this show and they have an array of merchandise from the anime series, just like Pokemon.

And you're saying that Jibanyan is what Pikachu is to Pokemon, am I right?

Frankly, yes. Kids love this kind of yokai and they surely want a stuff toy of Jibanyan to cuddle with as well as that ghost named...


Yes. Whisper.


Ugh...Why did they have to name this ghost from a sanitary napkin?

(audience laughing)

Okay, Whisper. Since you had a very gross name for a ghost like you, time for you to be put at...SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE!

(audience laughing)

That's it? You're putting Whisper at SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE?

It's a gross name. He got that name from a woman's napkin and that's disgusting!

(audience laughing)

Okay. I see what you got there but you know what? I should put Jibanyan in the...hey! What are you doing?!

I could just put it on NOT CUTE because he's a character I'm not particularly familiar of.

(audience laughing)

Oh come on!!! Huh?

It's floating?! Where's it going?

(audience laughing)

Ha! I believe Jibanyan wants to be in the CUTE side!

How did he...?

Because he's a Yokai! And that's what Yokais do!

(audience laughing, then applause)

Ugh. You win this round, Jibanyan. Hey, what about Whisper?

He's crying and accepting his fate that he had a terrible name.

(audience laughing)


AAAHHH!!! What's that?




Are you trying to bring your Pokemon friends at the CUTE WALL? What's this?

Oi! Don't mess with Cottonee because if you do, Cottonee's going to shoot you down.

Shoot me down with what?!


(Pew! Pew! Ka-boom!)

(audience laughing, then applause)

Ugh...This is much...more...worse than Excalibur...ugh....

Well, Cottonee, is it okay if you can be in the NAKAKAGIGIL spot? You have potential you know. Anyway, see you next time!

Time for the recap!



Tunip the Vegimal
*Queen Delightful

Doc McStuffins
Mabel Pines

Let's Do The News! (April 11, 2015)

- US President Barack Obama told the South American leaders that their day of meddling is over. He spoke that before the seventh Summit of the Americas in Panama City. He even shook hands with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro during the opening ceremony.

- Onto the Nigerian elections, the citizens of Nigeria are to vote for state governors on the last round of the nation's election process. Elections for 29 governors and state assemblies are taking place this Saturday.

- Cops released a dashcam footage of North Charleston officer Michael Slager showcasing the moments before the killing of a black man named Walter Scott. I can't show it to you but you can see it HERE.

- Veteran actor Robert de Niro will play the role of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari on a biopic.

- The second part of The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls will air on the 17th of July. This was announced after their mid-season finale of the anime.

- Yoshino Nanjou, the voice actress behind Eli Ayase from Love Live! School Idol Project, cancels her appearance at the Lantis Festival Anisong World Tour 2015 concert in Shanghai, China, due to her worsening knee injury. Her appearance on the world tour's Taipei concert, happening on the 18th to 19th of April, remains undecided.

- Snowpocalypse? What Snowpocalypse? Check out this cool snow machine called the Ripsaw EV2 that can drift through the winter wasteland!


Mitsubishi unveils Lancer Evolution "Final Edition"

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition

Well, it had to happen. 2015 is the final year for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and we're very sad to see it go and we're also sad that Mitsubishi had no plans for a successor to the venerable 4WD road-legal rally car that has been a favorite among speedo boys everywhere. However, they're not letting it go without a proper sendoff because Mitsubishi unveiled a final special edition model for the LanEvoX called the Lancer Evolution X Final Edition.

Not much information is given about the final model especially they didn't mention what was in that 2.0L 4B11 MIVEC turbo engine that powers it but it's been festooned with some minor cosmetic treatments as well as some "FINAL EDITION" badging on it.

Sales for the final special edition Lancer Evolution X will commence this August 2015 in Japan only and its starts at 4,298,400 Japanese Yen. It is limited to 1,000 units and the Japanese car company is now accepting orders for the Evo's last hurrah.

Bubble Gang - April 10, 2015

On the April 10, 2015 episode of Bubble Gang...

- IKAW AT ANG INA takes on...Beast Mode hashtags!

- Make-up gags

- Dealing with the duet patients.

- Istambay, Istambay sa Looban, May Bago Na Namang Kalokohan, Tambak Ang Istambay sa Tindahan, Pero Iba Naman Ang...DAHILAN!!!


IBAGSAK! Si Aling Pepay

- Antonietta confronts with Eula Valdes!

- More lait-lait from Lala Ytera!

- Brod Pete's back to answer everyone's questions in ANG BAGONG DATING DOON INTERNATIONAL.

- Some courtroom drama is happening...

- An interview with the couple complaining about dramas depicting men who have wives and mistresses.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Toyota Auris - Second Generation 2016 Facelift

2016 Toyota Auris

It's been three years since the second generation Toyota Auris arrived on the market since the summer of 2012 and for this 2016 update of the current-generation model, the new Auris had never looked so keen and there's more because for the first time, the facelifted second-generation Auris will now be available in the US as the Scion iM very soon just as we expected from the New York Auto Show.

2016 Toyota Auris
The biggest change, apart from its keen exterior look and the updated interior, is the implementation of Toyota's first ever 1.2L D-4T engine codenamed 8NR-FTS. This is the first turbocharged Toyota ever made since the Caldina discontinued in 2007 and this engine develops 116PS of power output, 185Nm of torque output, and when mated with the Super CVT-i gearbox, fuel economy is around 19.4km/L.

Of course, the other two engines; the 1NZ-FE engine and the high-performance 2ZR-FAE engine, were carried and while most of them are equipped with the Super CVT-i, the RS model of the Auris comes exclusively with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

2016 Toyota Auris interior

2016 Toyota Auris

Aside from the new turbo engine, the 2016 Auris is the first Toyota to come with the brand new Toyota Safety Sense C. Because safety is their top priority for Toyota, the Toyota Safety Sense C on the 2016 Auris comes with three features such as a Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and the Automatic High Beam function.

The Pre-Collision System uses a camera and a laser radar to scan incoming vehicles on the driver's twelves. When detected, it alerts the driver to brake with an audio and visual alert. Next, the Lane Departure Alert uses a camera to detect white and yellow lane markings. And lastly, the Automatic High Beam detects oncoming vehicle's headlights and the taillights of cars in front, allowing its headlamps to be automatically switched between high beam and low beam. Now you know.

The 2016 Auris starts from 1,789,855 Yen for the base 150X "C Package" up to 2,590,037 Yen for the turbocharged 120T model.

Available colors: White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Black Mica, Red Mica Metallic, Orange Metallic, Citrus Mica Metallic, and Blue Metallic.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A visit to the ART IN ISLAND

Now, while we were in the Philippines, me and my parents discovered a new and bizarre area where your eyes think they are too good to be true and even though this is one of the most deceiving places ever told, it's a potential tourist attraction and you can see people going there and taking pics with their friends. Now, what was that place called?

It's called ART IN ISLAND and it's located somewhere in Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City. It was opened last Christmas 2014 and this place is optical illusion nirvana because it's loaded with 3D art that looks so real, they come alive.

They're open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:30AM to 9:30 PM and the admission fee is a measly 500 pesos but if you're a student, you'll get a 100 peso discount from the admission price as long as you present them your student ID.

Here are some of the pics I took during my stay at ART IN ISLAND.

If you managed to visit ART IN ISLAND for the very first time, what do you think of this place? Did those 3D art made you think it's real? Did you have fun taking pics with your pals in that place? If you haven't been there, be sure to visit ART IN ISLAND anytime. I won't force any of you but feel free to visit this wondrous place anytime.

Remember, the admission fee is 500 pesos each and it's only open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:30AM to 9:30 PM.

Let's Do The News! (April 9, 2015)

- Onto the Yemen crisis, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Iran over their alleged support for Houthi rebels that are continuing to attack cities of Yemen. He said the US would support any Middle Eastern states that felt threatened by Iran, and would not "stand by" if Iran destabilized the region.

- Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man accused for the Boston marathon bombing two years ago has been found guilty of all 30 charges that faced, many of which carry the death sentence. Three people were killed and over 260 injured when the bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston marathon last April 2013.

- The US and the Japanese government are setting up a consultative body to discuss bilateral defense cooperation in space. This new working group consists of defense councilor-level officials, which could be set up as early as this month.

- Japan's imperial couple, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, offered prayers for those who died on the Pacific island of Palau during World War Two.

- According to reports, two Turkish journalists have been charged with "openly insulting the people's religious values" for featuring the controversial Charlie Hebdo cover featuring the Prophet Muhammad in their columns.

- Top Gear presenters James May and Richard Hammond are having their old bikes auctioned on the 26th of April.

- The Ultima Evolution is now ready to follow the GTR's footsteps and this new model is available with 15 different power outputs, with the top-spec model delivers a massive stratospheric 1020bhp, while weighing 950kg. The new Ultima Evolution is priced at 38,000 Pounds in kit form where you can built it yourself or 65,995 pounds for the completely built version if you're not in the mood for building things.

- Inu X Boku SS author Cocoa Fujiwara passed away at the age of 31.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Let's Do The News! (April 8, 2015)

- Somewhere in New York City, a statue of the infamous conspiracist Edward Snowden, the man responsible for exposing NSA's plans to spying on every Americans, has been taken down by authorities. Moments after the statue was taken down, a hologram version of Snowden's statue has appeared.

- A police officer in South Carolina  has been charged with murder after a video of him shooting a black man running away from him went viral. North Charleston police officer Michael Slager was arrested by state investigators after viewing the mobile phone video of him shooting down a black man named Walter Lamer Scott after the officer had already targeted him with a stun gun.

- Greek PM Alexis Tsipras arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin as Greece is embroiled in negotiations with the EU and the International Monetary Fund to unblock a bailout package and could run out of funds within weeks. Officials previously pointed out that Russia is their possible alternative source of financial assistance.

- Japan's imperial couple, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, have left Tokyo for the western Pacific island nation of Palau, realizing the imperial couple's wish to pray for those who died on the islands during World War II.

- Two companies, namely Megawide Construction Corporation and San Miguel Holdings Corporation, are interested for the bid of a P50.18-billion public-private partnership contract for the construction of a new prison facility in Nueva Ecija.

- Rolls-Royce used their Phantom flagship as their experiment for their Project Cullinan, a development mule equipped with their new all-wheel drive system for the luxury carmaker's upcoming sport utility vehicle.

- The Citroen Aircross Concept is set for its Shanghai Motor Show debut.

- Warner Bros. greenlights a movie version of the hit horror game franchise Five Nights at Freddy's, according to reports. You heard that right, your favorite scary animatronics will appear on the big screen very soon!


Challenge: How the new Serena Cosplay was made

Last Easter weekend, I have successfully expose the new look of Pokemon XY's Serena at a certain convention held somewhere in downtown Seattle, with thanks to my big sister Elise. Although one hour is a little short, it's more than enough to give 'em hell to those who never watched the Pokemon anime series (well most of them did but which generation?) and prove that anime is better than video games. Says who but who cares?

It all started when after studying about a certain Pokemon XY episode where the female character Serena changed her look after her humiliating loss at a Pokemon contest when her Fennekin got tripped. I was just wondering if there will be someone willing to dress as Serena's new outfit and the results turned out to be benign. I wanted my little sister Ces to do it but she refused.

It seems the only option I got to fulfill my dream to show the new Serena cosplay to the world is my big sister Elise but she feels like she's not up for the challenge. I'm not willing to give up so after numerous fracas with my mom and numerous negotiations, my big sis has accepted my offer, only the condition is she will be at a very limited time at the cosplay convention.

With the deal accepted, although some fracas did followed, work on the new Serena cosplay is underway and to do that, me and my parents went to the Philippines to spend almost a month to do some stuff. We done a lot of things while we were in the Philippines.

During my stay at the Philippines, we went to Binan, Laguna, in search for a tailor capable of recreating Serena's latest outfit. I even asked them to do Ash's latest outfit as well. Yes. I was talking about the Kalos Ash cosplay for me. They charged us almost 2,000 pesos or around $45 but only in downpayment terms and we told them to do as quickly as possible because we have to go back to Seattle before the month's end to make final arrangements.

While waiting for the outfits to finish, work on her hat is underway. I bought this particular hat somewhere at SM Center Muntinlupa for a cheaply 200 pesos and what I'm going to do is to make it red as possible while matching the design of Serena's hat. Of course, some fracas did follow after knowing that the hat I bought was pinkish and not reddish. Instead of throwing that hat away, we bought some supplies to make sure it matches her outfit. We bought some red acrylic paint from National Bookstore and some black cloth somewhere at Market Market.

I was getting nervous at first because I wanted the black cloth we bought to be as curvy as possible but my mom managed to do it anyway. We made the small black cloth as curvy as possible and then stick it with some glue. Voila! We successfully replicate Serena's hat!

With the hat done and both of our outfits finished as scheduled, we knew they were ready but there's some final preparations to be done so when our Philippine time is up, we headed back to Seattle to some final preps. My mom managed to make some closing parts for both of our outfits. My Kalos Ash cosplay and my sister's new Serena cosplay, they're now ready for the convention! It's amourshipping time! (Don't ask why)

Not as I hoped for but this more than enough to show Serena's new outfit to the world. Also, I even bought her a Braixen plush as well as borrowing my little sister's Pancham plush I gifted it to her last Christmas. In tune with the times, right? As for my Kalos Ash cosplay, it really worked! I was the only one in the convention to wear it. Now, I don't want to be all smug about this but this has to be one of the best challenges we've ever done. Moments of fracas really payed off to show that they should think twice about updating their cosplays. Me and Ate think we have the moral victory but I have been proven once more that anime is better than video games.

I did see someone dressed as Misty, Dawn, or May, but why did I never saw someone dressed as Iris at the convention? Maybe because they didn't see the Pokemon Black and White (Best Wishes) anime several years ago. For those who never saw the BW anime, watch it on Netflix. That's an order.

Anyway, if you want to dress as Serena on your next convention, please, not the old one. The new one. The new Serena look. I'll show you how to dress as Serena.

1) Start by finding a red hat but it has to look like the one Serena wore. It's kinda like a red fedora hat with some black stuff in the middle but it has to be that close.

2) A sleeveless red trench coat is a must for every Serena cosplayer. It may be difficult to find at your nearest department store but if you're lucky to have a spare red trenchcoat, try to remove its sleeves. Make sure the coat is not too long nor too short.

3) Although it's difficult to find a pink dress like the one Serena had, your best bet is to find yourself a pink one-piece dress with the Peter Pan collar on it. I know it sounds challenging but this is the only chance you got if you want to dress as Serena. Oh, and be sure to wear a black sando before wearing that particular dress. Lastly, don't forget the blue ribbon to put in on your pink dress.

4) Black stockings are not hard to find so if you happen to have one of these in your closet, use it.

5) Boots. Any kinds of boots will do as long as its brown just like Serena's.

6) Keep your hair as short as Serena's.

7) Bring Pokemon stuff toys that matches Serena's. In the current climate, you can bring either Pancham or Braixen with you. That sounds optional but this will make the most out of your new Serena cosplay.

That's it. These are the step-by-step guide provided by me so you girls can dress yourself in Serena's new clothes in an event a cosplay convention occurs. Good luck!

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious


In honor of Furious 7, Forza Horizon 2 featured this cool standalone expansion called "Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious" and having a copy of FH2 is not required to experience this cool new game where worlds collide and your skills are needed to take on the fast and furious challenges happening all over France.

You've been summoned by Tej, played by Ludacris, and your mission is to retrieve 10 Fast and Furious cars needed for his crew and this is where your skills been put to the test. You begin with Dom's Charger from the Furious 7 movie and what was the mission again? Collect them all!


From Brian's Supra, Letty's Challenger, a heavily armored Wrangler, to Deckard's Ghibli, each of the cars you'll unlock after passing a series of challenges feel just like in the movie and exclusive to this standalone expansion, you've been given the ability to use nitrous during races. This will make you go faster but handle this monstrous stuff with care because you'll never know when will you use it until the final dash to the finish line.


Right until April 10, 2015, this standalone expansion pack is free to download from the XBOX Live. Best be hurry to avail this limited-time offer because after that, it will cost you $10.

charger (2)

As I've enjoyed playing the Fast and Furious standalone expansion, there's some good news because some of the cars featured on FH2 presents Fast and Furious are now playable on Forza Horizon 2 via the Furious 7 car pack. Available now for $5, this DLC Pack features eight Furious 7 cars as experienced from the Fast & Furious expansion. They may have their NOS stripped out for FH2 use but these machines are now yours to master and yours to conquer either Southern Europe or Storm Island. These machines are:

1970 Dodge Charge R/T Fast & Furious Edition
1970 Plymouth Cuda Fast & Furious Edition
2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Fast & Furious Edition
2014 Maserati Ghibli Fast & Furious Edition
1970 Plymouth Road Runner Fast & Furious Edition
2015 Dodge Charger R/T Fast & Furious Edition
2015 Dodge Challenger Fast & Furious Edition
1998 Toyota Supra Fast & Furious Edition

Whether if you're living like Brian O'Connor, Dom Toretto, Letty, or Deckard Shaw, the Furious 7 Car Pack is an enjoyable feast of speed and thrills and it takes mastery to getting used to these Fast and Furious rides.

The sky is the limit! Get out there and show who's fast and furious!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: Feel the Venom

venom (2)

When it comes to speed, you can't argue about the biblical Hennessey Venom GT. This American hypercar possesses stratospheric speeds at the cost of mobility and stability, making this car suitable for the expert level drivers who want to brave through the car's unforgiving mobility and its hypersonic speeds similar to what fighters do.

With its 1200HP of power output thanks to its V8 twin turbo engines tweaked by the folks of Hennessey, challenging against this machine is considered to be suicidal unless you have no sense of directions and go straight to the finish but at the hands of master drivers, they are invincible on different challenges other than cross countrying.

According to sources, this car recorded the fastest 0-300kph time of 13.63 seconds and was verified by the Guinness Book of Records. It once set the fastest speed of 270.49mph on a certain runway although unofficial result even though it wasn't counted by the Guinness World Record for some reasons, probably production car regulations.


I only have one championship left to end before going to the Horizon Finale and for that, I've signed this bad boy for the hypercars championship, which will be my one last step towards the finale but first, some makeovers...

venom (3)

Call it scary but I took some cues from the hostile squadron from Ace Combat Joint Assault called the Varcolac Squadron. With the looks of the varcolac, looks like this Venom is made to invoke fear to its opponents but thanks to my skill level, looks like I couldn't try to invoke fear to my rivals. Just me because of its sensitive handling but I'm trying my best to tame this demon.

Road trip:

And now, some championship highlights:

Now that I won this championship, I have finally gained access to the Horizon Finale! Finally! We can finally finish this game once and for all! Looks like the Venom GT wasn't so bad after all as long as we're in sync together.

With the finale finally on my foot, I wonder which machine I will use to finish it? Will it be something from my past experience after getting the twists and turns in this slippery slope of the Southern European landscape? Find out soon as I...will decide which machine I will use to the finale and this will be a very big one because the finale takes place in all corners of Southern Europe. You got to be ready for it in the event the final battle is almost here.

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 67

We are under attack! Unknown illegal downloaders and carjackers have surrounded the blog! They've been attacking us with queries like "hyundai h factor commercial song", "toyota prius commercial song", or "who sings the song on the suzuki swift advert"!

They don't miss a beat...They're here to eradicate not just the automotive but also the music industry. We can't allow that to happen! We must provide another set of driving musics and stop what they're doing! Everyone, roll out!

10) Radioactive by Imagine Dragons - from the Hyundai Canada Welcome to the New Age commercial

9) I Put A Spell On You by Screaming Jay Hawkins - from the Suzuki UK Swift "You Really Must See It" commercial

8) She Said by Plan B - from the Toyota new Alphard commercial

7) South Pacific Album Overture by Mitzi Gaynor, Rossano Brazzi, and the film cast - from the Honda Legend Hybrid commercial

6) Loving Power by 久保田利伸 - from the Yokohama Tire BluEarth commercial

5) Sometimes When We Touch by Dan Hill - from the new Ford Mustang "Song" commercial

4) Only You by The Flying Pickets - from the 1997 Hyundai Atoz launch commercial

3) Mozart: Mass in C, K.317 "Coronation" - 2. Gloria - from the Daewoo Imperial commercial

2) Bizet: Carmen-Overture (Prelude) - from a classic Citroen Visa GT commercial

1) Roadgame by Kavinsky - from the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake commercial

Driving Music from Leopaul's Blog is the segment where solves every car enthusiasts' questions about the title of the song of car commercials...with the risk of MATCHED THIRD PARTY CONTENT on their status. Acknowledge or dispute, it's your choice.

Gran Turismo 6: Lexus LF-LC VGT vs. Alpine VGT

The Lexus LF-LC Vision Gran Turismo...

Fuji Speedway F

...and the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo.

Mid-Field Raceway

These new additions to the Gran Turismo 6's Vision Gran Turismo roster of concept cars will surely make petrolheads coming back for more and even though they're different in any way, these machines are always up for new challenges this game could throw at them.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_3

First, let's take a look at the Lexus LF-LC Vision Gran Turismo, although this is odd to make a GT version of a concept car that already spawned the production version called the RC, if you know what I mean? Looks like the folks from Gran Turismo never understand about the Lexus RC and stuck with the concept car but look at this way, at least it's menacing to look at so lighten up a little, huh?

Having learned their lesson from last year's Super GT season, Toyota's luxury brand wanted to make a racecar capable of tackling GT3-class touring cars dominated with the likes of European makes, and with this car, this is Revelation to them. It's not just a Revelation but this is a warning sign that Lexus will be joining the GT3-class fray very soon.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_4

The Alpine VGT is also like Revelation because by the time we witnessed how its made, the folks from Renault announced that they'll be bringing back the Alpine name next year. Info remains scarce but the legend that was forged by the legendary Jean Redele will return. You can count on it. It comes with two distinct flavors; one is the standard model and the other is the Race Mode, which is the Alpine VGT at its best. Whichever Alpine VGT you choose, you will be blessed by its A110-inspired front, lightweight bodywork, unbiased handling, and a unique way of braking where two airbrakes from both sides will show up.

Both of these machines seem to be evenly matched on the track and to be honest, they want to find out which of these new additions is the best and to find out, I shipped them to the Midfield Raceway. In case you missed it, the Gran Turismo original track has returned from a recent update. How nice it is to have this classic fan-fave track back, right? Anyway, less hands, more drive, and it's time to find out which of these new VGT additions is the best.

Mid-Field Raceway_1Mid-Field Raceway_2Mid-Field Raceway_3

Because the LF-LC VGT features a turbocharged hybrid powertrain, it develops around 621HP of power output, while the Alpine VGT is almost 200HP less than the LF-LC VGT. Although specs remained classified, the Alpine VGT feels more lighter than the LF-LC VGT and it handles well than the LF-LC VGT as well. Those three machines are surely trying to familiarize the corners of this classic GT original track and no matter how hard they try, it's all in a name of luck and skill.

In the end, here are the results:

LF-LC VGT - 1:08.324
Alpine VGT - 1:09.463
Alpine VGT RM - 1:09.271

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_5

It kinda looks like the Lexus LF-LC VGT has triumphed both versions of the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo but sometimes the results don't really matter because both the Lexus LF-LC VGT and the Alpine VGT done a really good job showing off their motorsport finesse and their teachings from their past motorsport involvements. Looks like these machines are ready to take on the world after all. I just really wish those carmakers behind these creations the very best of luck to push their dreams into reality.

With the Lexus LF-LC VGT and the Alpine VGT part of the roster, which carmaker will be joining the Vision GT family? Find out soon!
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