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20 Years of Pokemon: The 20 most beautiful Pokemon

Continuing on the celebration for twenty years of Pokemon, it's time to focus on the prettiest Pokemons in history. Through the years, apart from featuring cute Pokemon like Pikachu, Fennekin, Oshawott, Minccino, and many others, history has been peppered also with some of the prettiest Pokemons a sophisticated trainer would want more than any fashion accessory. What makes a Pokemon pretty? Nobody knows, not even science can't tell, but either way, time to jot down the twenty most beautiful Pokemons from Kanto to Kalos.

1) Pikachu - Hmmm? I already mentioned Pikachu as one of the cutest Pokemons in history but why would I decided to put it on the list of the most prettiest Pokemons in history? Although maybe cute, Pikachu can be somewhat very beautiful not by the way it looks but by the way it moves. The finest examples of Pikachu's beauty are either Pikachu Pop Star and Pikachu Belle, one of the Cosplay Pikachu variants as pointed from the ORAS games.

2) Ninetails - Although its Pokedex description sounds scary, apart from the part where grabbing one of its tails could result to a thousand-year curse, Ninetails, which is the evolved form of Vulpix after contact with a Fire Stone, is considered to be one of the prettiest and a real keeper for trainers who have great taste of style.

3) Goldeen - Misty used to have one of these during the Indigo League years, the beginning, of course, but anyway, Goldeen's quite a beautiful water-type Pokemon that shows its true colors even when swimming. Don't let its looks fool you because its horns are darn tough.

4) Articuno - One of the three legendary birds in the Kanto region and obviously one of the prettiest if you were lucky enough to see one flying through the winter skies.

5) Meganium - Meganium is the final evolved form of Chikorita and according to its Pokedex description, its breath has the power to revive dead plants and grass, and making it healthy again. Anyway, its wondrous aroma makes it well-suitable to be on the list because if you can imagine female trainers starting their Johto Journeys in a Chikorita and then worked their way to become Meganium, you know that they got class.

6) Bellossom - Sure, when a Gloom made contact with a Leaf Stone, it becomes a Vileplume, but when Gloom made contact with the Sun Stone, it becomes a Bellossom, turning from an ugly Grass-and-Poison type into a fragrant, yet gorgeous, Grass-type Pokemon. Apart from its wondrous aroma, Bellossom's graceful at dancing and when you see a flock of Bellossoms dancing together, it's definitely a pretty spectacle to watch.

7) Ho-oh - One of the legendary Pokemons in the Johto region, only a trainer worthy of a heart of pure gold will be blessed by its appearance by shining its rainbow-colored wings. Although I don't find Ho-oh to be multicolored because it's fiery red, its beauty is considered the stuff of legends.

8) Gardevoir - Gardevoir's one of my favorite Psychic-type Pokemon and when witnessing its Mega Evolution, its prettiness is off the scale. Prettiness aside, its Pixilate ability is a real knock-out especially when Gardevoir's armed with Hyper Voice or Hyper Beam. No wonder the Kalos league champion has one.

9) Altaria - Despite being a Dragon-type Pokemon, Altaria's appearance is rather peaceful and beautiful to keep. Because its so beautiful, its Pokedex description says that its humming sounds beautiful. I also forgot that its Mega Evolution looks fluffy and gorgeous even though it has changed from a Dragon-and-Flying-type to a Dragon-and-Fairy-type, a beautiful combination.

10) Milotic - Milotic is no doubt the most beautiful Pokemon in existence but having a hard-to-find Feebas evolve into one is no easy task because it takes a lot of blue PokeBlocks to get the job done. Despite this hard task, having Milotic is a definite proof that you have a strong liking for a Pokemon's beauty.

11) Roserade - When the Diamond and Pearl games came out in 2006, Roselia, first appeared during the Advanced Generation years, gained two new stages; a pre-evolved form called Budew and a final evolved form called Roserade. If made contact with a Shiny Stone, Roselia evolves into Roserade, the bouquet Pokemon. According to the Pokedex, despite its graceful appearance, it can languish foes with its poisonous thorns. Do I have any idea what kind of trainer would be interested in a Roserade? Well, more specifically a female trainer dressed like a prince in an all-female troupe.

12) Cresselia - Cresselia's one of the Sinnoh legends and according to the Pokedex, it is said to represent the crescent moon. This legendary Pokemon is definitely quite a beauty to behold if you're in a middle of a night watch.

13) Leavanny - The Pokedex states that Leavanny, the final evolved form of Sewaddle, weaves clothing from leaves, using the cutters on its arms and sticky silk. Yep, we seen that stuff during the Black and White anime but one thing you will find about Leavanny's beauty is its smile. Its smile is so beautiful and cute, I felt like I'm one of the few who are completely in love with it.

14) Lilligant - Lilligant's one of the prettiest Pokemons in the Unova region, probably because of its fragrant flower that most trainers deemed to be difficult to take good care of it, according to the Pokedex.

15) Cinccino - Yeah, I did listed Minccino as one of the cutest Pokemons in history but what about its evolved form when it made contact with a Shiny Stone? Cinccino's definitely a beauty to behold in the eyes of a trainer and no matter how things get dirty, this Cinccino never gives up because its special oil coated on its fur makes it clean itself, except when its coating gets blown by Snivy's Leaf Storm attack.

16) Meloetta - Meloetta's a mythical Pokemon with has a melody far beyond compare with any other Pokemon that knows how to sing. When armed with the Relic Song, Meloetta can transform from its Aria Forme to Pirouette Forme, turning from a graceful singer to a graceful dancer back and forth.

17) Vivillon - Vivillon are famous for having a wide range of patterns depending on region and because of its diverse patterns, many trainers wanted to collect most of it, which sounds more of challenge.

18) Florges - In one episode of the Pokemon XY anime series, we've seen a Florges trying to attack Goodra but then later eventually joined to save its homeland from an impending doom. Although pretty to look at, Florges really means business, even for a Fairy-type Pokemon.

19) Xerneas - Xerneas is the stuff of the Kalos legends and known to be the bringer of life. Legends told that it slept for a thousand years in the form of a tree before its revival. When its horns shine like a rainbow, it is said to bring life. Either way, this legendary Pokemon is quite a beauty to behold.

20) Diancie - When witnessing its Mega Evolution, Diancie's beauty is beyond compare of any of the most beautiful Pokemon existed. With such beauty, it was known as the Royal Pink Princess. For us, Diancie or Mega Diancie, it's a definite proof that we still believe that Diamonds are Forever....

Next time, let's list down the 20 most scariest Pokemons as part of the Pokemon 20 year celebration.

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