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20 Years of Pokemon: The 20 most cutest Pokemon

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise since the first ever Pokemon Red and Green games launched for the original Game Boy on the 27th of February, 1996. What better way is to start the celebration of twenty years of Pokemon.

Through the years since the first games launched, history has been peppered with the cutest Pokemon any trainer want to keep it. What makes a Pokemon cute? Is it the size? The personality? The way it moves? To start this so-called tribute to 20 years of Pokemon, let's get to know the 20 of the most cutest Pokemon in history.

1) Pikachu - There's only one way Pikachu deserved the top spot because it's the world's most adorable Pokemon everybody knows. From being Ash's longtime partner since the show began to the Cosplay Pikachu variations as seen on the ORAS games, many Pokemon have rivalled Pikachu's cuteness but failed to out cute everyone's favorite Pokemon. What's the world of Pokemon be without Pikachu as the mascot anyway? It would be boring so that's why having Pikachu as the face of the Pokemon franchise means so much for the franchise.

2) Clefairy - In the video games, finding Clefairy in locations like Mt. Moon is a total nightmare but despite its rarity, these star-shaped Pokemon are very cute, especially when they're doing their Clefairy dance you've been trying to memorize it while playing a certain Pokemon Stadium mini-game.

3) Jigglypuff - We all think Jigglypuff is cute not because of its round, rubbery, looks but because of its Sing attack that puts us all to sleep and when we all woke up, we got the doodles from Jigglypuff's.

4) Chansey - It's hard to find and get one at the Safari Zone in games but in the first anime series, every Nurse Joy in the Indigo League has one, making it the ideal Pokemon you want yours to be healed by.

5) Eevee - Eevee is well-known for its diverse evolutions from Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon. Either way, we think a normal Eevee looks cute in any way. May from the Advanced Generation series and Serena from the XY series has one in the TV series.

6) Pichu - Yes, we know that Pikachu is super cute and its evolved form Raichu isn't but what about Pichu? Sure, it's the pre-evolved form of Pikachu but even though it looks cute from every angle, it's still not good enough to outcute Pikachu in the popularity stakes. We enjoyed Pichu from meeting up with the Pichu Bros. in a Pikachu and Pichu short film before Pokemon the Movie 3 and a spiky-haired one in the Pokemon movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

7) Togepi - During the Indigo League years, this Togepi has been a favorite of Misty, Cerulean Gym Leader and one of Ash's companions. Although too young to battle, this Togepi has been tagging along with Pikachu and friends on their adorable adventures.

8) Plusle and Minun - Main reason why I put both of these electric twins on one spot is because these twin electric-types are twice the cute in every reasonable way. Plusle and Minun love to make some double trouble for our own entertainment, in game or in anime. What the hey, we just want to hug them both.

9) Piplup - One of the Sinnoh starters and a partner of Trainer Dawn in the Diamond and Pearl years, we've seen Piplup tagging along Pikachu like a bunch of best friends and with the two of them being together, it's like a love affair.

10) Pachirisu - Full of energy and quite adorable for a Sinnoh-helmed Pokemon, Pachirisu's cuteness surely wanna make any cute electric-type Pokemon jealous, even Pikachu.

11) Oshawott - One of the Unova starters and one of Ash's Pokemon entourage during the Black and White years. Oshawott sure likes to pop out eagerly from a Poke Ball just to be a show-off but sometimes, Oshawott can be somewhat clumsy. No matter how bad things get for Oshawott, it's nice to see how cute Oshawott performs in the hearts of many fans.

12) Scraggy - Despite being a Dark and Fighting type, Scraggy turned out be kinda cute even when its angry. Believe it or not, Scraggy has a strong liking for Iris' Axew in the Black and White TV series and even when they're not battling each other, they can be the best of friends.

13) Minccino - According to the Pokedex, Minccino are well known to clean stuff using their tails as brooms but we won't want to do that to our Minccinos. What we really want is to be tickled by those Pokemon like what happened to Pikachu, Pignite, Oshawott, and Emolga.

14) Emolga - Like any other cute electric types, Emolga is a cute representative of the Unova region and in the TV series, it looks charming when it used Attract.

15) Axew - We all thought Dragon type Pokemons are scary but this one isn't. Of course, while this is truly a Dragon-type Pokemon, Axew's definitely a cutie to keep just like Iris had in the Black and White series.

16) Chespin - One of the Kalos starters and in the XY series, we seen Chespin tagging alongside Clemont, a Lumiose Gym Leader and one of Ash's companions. Although cute in any aspect, we seen Chespin getting blamed for eating all of their picnic, which of course, Chespin's a heavy eater that gets the rap by them.

17) Fennekin - One of the Kalos starters and a choice for Serena in the XY series until it was evolved to Braixen. Fennekin has been one of the most-picked starters for those who began their Kalos journey when the XY games launched in late 2013, probably because of its appealing looks fit enough to pet with. What I really like about Fennekin that it's more of a pooch rather than being a fox and I like to have one barking cutely on me. One thing you don't want to mess Fennekin is its tail because it takes a lot of grooming to have its tail in pristine condition.

18) Froakie - One of the Kalos starters and been tagging along with Ash since he got one in the XY series until it evolved from Frogadier, and then in the XYZ series, Greninja, which also happens to have a special power to transform into Ash-Greninja. In its first stage, Froakie looks temptingly cute and because it's so cute, fans have a growing fetishes over how Froakie moves and behaves. Still, this Froakie is considered cute in every aspect.

19) Pancham - This panda-bear like Pokemon is Serena's first caught Pokemon in the XY TV series because of her ambition to become the best Pokemon performer in the Kalos region. Annoyingly, we seen Pancham picking fights against Clemont's Chespin, but in the end, it's them being together like a bunch of little boys who picked fights at first and then became friends.

20) Dedenne - Dedenne's an Electric-and-Fairy type Pokemon and while some people mistook it for a Raichu, Dedenne's like an adorable little baby to go coochy-coochy-coo and wants to be taken along for a trip like what Bonnie had in the XY TV series. Of course, while Bonnie's too young to be a trainer, she made a special friendship with Dedenne and because it's special, she decided to keep Dedenne in her little pochette, even with the Zygarde Core (the little one that looks squishy) in the XYZ series.

Next time, let's list down the 20 most beautiful Pokemons as part of the Pokemon 20 year celebration.

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