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20 Years of Pokemon: The 20 most scariest Pokemon

Continuing on the celebration for twenty years of Pokemon, it's time to focus on the scariest Pokemons in history. Of course, PokeMon stands for Pocket Monsters and you know there's the "Monster" word on it and every kid knows that monsters are scary even at bedtime. Yeah, right. Every little kid in the world knows that they are afraid of monsters hiding under their bed or in their closet or whatever but nothing is more so than the twenty scariest Pokemons in history. Are you scared? Well, you shouldn't be...

1) Arbok - What makes Arbok one of the scariest Pokemons in history is the pattern on its belly. Based on the Pokedex readings, its terrifying face-like pattern on its belly is made to scare off its prey. No wonder Jessie from Team Rocket used to have one of these before it was surrendered by a poacher in an Advanced Generation episode "A Poached Ego" alongside James' Weezing. Poor evil misfits...

2) Pikachu - Eh? In the previous posts, I once told that Pikachu is the cutest and the prettiest but why would I have to put Pikachu in the list of scariest Pokemons? It's the last year's Spooky Cup to blame but one thing's for sure, you won't like Pikachu when its angry.

3) Zubat - No matter which generation you're on, if you're venturing in the cave, you are most likely to get swarmed by a horde of Zubats because in all caves of all regions, they're (almost) everywhere as well as its evolved Golbat.

4) Muk - Encountering a Grimer is a very scary experience but encountering a Muk is even more terrifying in the first Pokemon games. Muk is the evolved form of Grimer and according to the Pokedex, its footprints are very poisonous. Still, Muk's considered to be one of my favorites and no wonder Ash caught one in the first series so there's nothing to be scare of.

5) Gengar - Back then if you want to caught a Ghastly at the Lavender Town's Pokemon Tower, you need the Silph Scope obtained at the Celadon City's Team Rocket hideout. If you had a Ghastly evolved into Haunter, you need a mate to trade it in order to become Gengar. While Gengar's listed as one of the Pokemons that can be evolved via trade much like Alakazam and Machamp, it's definitely scary, even on battles due to its high special attack powers and speed. Have it Mega Evolved into Mega Gengar and the results can be even more terrifying.

6) Crobat - It takes loyalty to have a Golbat evolve into Crobat but by accomplishment, trainers gained access to the Poison-type Pokemon worthy of being one of the speediest attackers. Having gained an extra pair of wings, it allows Crobat to fly more quickly and quietly, according to the Pokedex. Some hardcore trainers managed to have a Crobat that knows Brave Bird as an egg move, which sounds rather scary but tough in the battle of the fastest Pokemons.

7) Granbull - Its massive fangs is what makes Granbull one of the scariest. What's even more scary is its attack-lowering Intimidate ability and its high-attack power capable of unleashing the most powerful of moves such as Play Rough, Rock Slide, Crunch, and Earthquake.

8) Sableye - Apart from its appearance, the one thing that makes Sableye scary is its type combination. Because it is a Dark-and-Ghost type, there is simply no other Pokemon that can deal some super effective hits against Sableye, except for any Fairy-type Pokemon or Mega Lopunny's ability to have its Normal or Fighting-type attacks penetrate even the ghost ones. What's even scary is its Mega Evolution and with Mega Sableye, its scaringly high defensive ratings and its Magic Bounce ability really make battles one heck of a scarefest.

9) Banette - Banette's a scary Ghost type Pokemon and so is its Pokedex description saying it was formed when a cursed energy has entered a discarded doll, searching for the child who threw it away. Pokedex descriptions are a load of tosh, right? But what makes Banette so scary is its offensive power and with Mega Evolution, this is worth frightening. Why? Mega Banette's Prankster ability gave trainers a dirty strategy involving Protect and Disable. One question though, if you pit a fight between Mega Gengar and Mega Banette, who will win the fight?

10) Weavile - When night falls and when Sneasel is equipped with the Razor Claw, Sneasel can evolve into Weavile, noteworthy for its offensive quickness because of its high attack and speed rate. Sounds scary if you're facing off against this Pokemon but if you were one of the few who tried Pokken Tournament, you know how scaringly quick Weavile is when it uses its barrage of fury swipes.

11) Rotom - In its basic Electric-and-Ghost type form, Rotom looks very small but because Rotom can enter some kinds of machines and take control, according to the Pokedex, skillful trainers can outfit Rotom with different forms of appliances. It can be the Grass-type Mow Rotom, the Fire-type Heat Rotom, Ice-type Frost Rotom, Flying-type Spin Rotom, and most famously, the Water-type Wash Rotom.

12) Giratina - Giratina's the stuff of Sinnoh legends and notably one of the scariest Pokemons on the list. The Pokedex states that it came from the Reverse World and banished for its violence. In its normal "Alternate" form, Giratina looks somewhat frightening, but when transformed to its "Origin" form, Giratina has brought fear to a whole new meaning.

13) Darkrai - In the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl movie The Rise of Darkrai, Ash and his friends are on the race against time to stop the nightmarish threat caused by the mythical Darkrai. Apart from its frightening appearance that makes little kids running scared, what makes Darkrai super scary is its signature Dark Void attack, which finds very useful in group battles because it will render groups of opposing Pokemons asleep, giving it plenty of time to attack.

14) Krookodile - Krookodile's not just scary but this Pokemon brings bad a whole other meaning because while its attitude is as bad as a bad boy in a bar brawl, its intimidating attack power can munch through any defenseless foes it the heated battle. No wonder Ash has one in the Black and White anime having evolved from his Krokorok during a battle against Iris' Dragonite.

15) Chandelure - We know that Chandelure, like its pre-evolved Litwick and Lampent, is a Ghost-and-Fire-type Pokemon, meaning that it's hot and scary at the same time, but what makes Chandelure so scary is its amazingly high special attack power, meaning it can outwit its foes with long range attacks such as Shadow Ball or Heat Wave. If a Chandelure comes with the Flash Fire ability, not only it will protect itself from a Heat Wave attack but its fire-type attacks give it a massive boost, giving it an opportunity to counterattack.

16) Hydreigon - Hydreigon's got three heads, just like a Dodrio, but because of its dreadful combination of Dark and Dragon type, just like its preevolved Deino and Zweilous, Hydreigon's an unstoppable force to be reckoned with thanks to its offensive powers capable of wiping out the competition in one fell swoop. Of course a Dark-and-Dragon type sounds scary but there's one massive weakness; its dual-type can be easily beaten by fairy types.

17) Volcarona - Having evolved from Larvesta, Volcarona's appearance looks somewhat similar to those as seen from role-playing games featuring flying monsters on it, making it one of the scariest Pokemons you'll encounter. Don't be fooled by its appearances because in group battles, Volcarona's the dark horse for the trainers because when Volcarona comes with the tricky Rage Powder, enemies will attack directly to Volcarona, giving its allies plenty of time to retaliate against opponents who attacked Volcarona.

18) Aegislash - It might be scary to see a sword floating around by itself but for a Pokemon like Aegislash, this Steel-and-Ghost-type Pokemon is a keeper for veterans and rookies alike. In its Shield Forme, Aegislash's defense is great, but when switched to Blade Forme, it trades its incredible defense to its incredible offense. A simple defend-then-attack tactic became a necessity for trainers who had Aegislash, especially when it comes with defensive moves like its signature King's Shield move.

19) Noivern - Noivern may not be one of the strongest of the Dragon types but it's the fastest Dragon type in the world of Pokemon, and downright one of the scariest judging from its appearance.

20) Yveltal - Yveltal is the stuff of Kalos legends and known to be the harbinger of death and destruction. Ancient times told that when this Pokemon is dying, it unleashes its power to absorb energy of every living thing in the world and turns into a cocoon once more. There's a reference to Yveltal's signature Oblivion Wing attack, which absorbs the opponent's HP and then heals, making it one of the most formidable legends to deal with. That's the circle of life, folks.

Join us next time as we'll be tackling the toughest Pokemons in history.

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