Saturday, January 9, 2016

An encounter with Jake on latest Kalyeserye!

After days of speculation of figuring out who in God Gave Me You is Jake while Alden Richards wrapping up his Middle Eastern tour, the recent Kalyeserye on GMA's Eat Bulaga finally uncovered who the heck is Jake, who claims to be Yaya Dub's classmate collaborating on a school project of some sorts.

His name is Juan Emilio Ejercito and he's the classmate of Yaya Dub in Marketing class. He turned out to be a good guy and a good student helping Yaya Dub with their homework. Right now, he's going to leave for Singapore due on Monday and he handed over the school project to Yaya Dub.

After their encounter with Jake, they've received a phone call and then...What happened to Alden?!

Keep watching Eat Bulaga every weekdays for more Kalyeserye antics!

Photo: Official Eat Bulaga Facebook page

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