Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Big news in store for Aqours!

Love Live! Sunshine!!

2016 may be the final year for the ever famous μ's from the Love Live! School Idol Project franchise but this year is just getting started to the second generation school idol unit known as Aqours since their debut single went on sale in October of last year. Sure, we got a glimpse of their maiden single last year but we still want to know more about the members of Aqours even further.

Guess what, there were big news in store for the new generation of school idol unit as according to the recent livestream, the Love Live! Sunshine!! will get a TV anime this Summer 2016. Sounds a bit of an early treat for Lovelivers worldwide but this upcoming anime will be the best chance to know more about Aqours better; Chika Takami, Riko Sakurauchi, Kanan Matsuura, Dia Kurosawa, You Watanabe, Yoshiko Tsushima, Hanamaru Kunikida, Mari Ohara, and Ruby Kurosawa.

Apart of Aqours' upcoming TV debut on the second half of this year, Lovelivers just received some more information that they'll be featuring on an upcoming update of the Love Live! School Idol Festival app game. We're not sure why but let's hope that the Aqours members Lovelivers will soon be getting on their smartphones will be full-voiced just like the μ's members.

On the 27th of April, 2016, Aqours will release their soon-to-be-titled second single. We don't know why but this next single will be the next step to getting to know more about Aqours better.

For Nicovideo viewers everywhere, Aqours will be running their regular Niconico webcast beginning on the 22nd of January, 2016.

With these big news washing the Lovelivers away like a tsunami, the new generation of school idol unit's performance is just getting started and everyone's very excited to be part of the Aqours experience much as what they did to μ's in the past years.

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