Monday, January 18, 2016

Chevrolet Spark (M400, US Spec) and Second Generation Chevrolet Cruze

Two new Chevrolets are ringing the new year with a boom on the compact car markets in their classes. On the compact side, the Chevrolet Spark has been given a much mild-mannered regeneration while the Chevrolet Cruze, in the compact midsize sedan stakes, got fully regenerated for the new generation. So, what lies ahead of these two?

2016 Chevrolet Spark
2016 Chevrolet Spark interior

Of course, you might think you are already familiar with the new generation Chevrolet Spark because South Korea already has one last year and you are already familiar by how it looks because as told, the design looks not very premium-ish for the new model. That's just half of the story because apart from its rather unpleasant looks for a compact car, the inside is worth questionable because with technology continue to evolve, the rather cheap but comfortable interior doesn't come with a CD player and instead, it comes with a standard touchscreen with the Chevrolet MyLink that now comes with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility. Apart from that, like all good Chevys, 4G LTE connectivity is standard as well. It's hard to think why things like these would evolve into something more smartphone-ish or maybe they're trying to adapt through the easy life just like us?

Here in the USA, the new Spark is powered by a bigger and more powerful 1.4L petrol engine mated with either a more enjoyable 5-speed manual gearbox or a more casual CVT. This engine produces 98P of power and 94lb-ft of torque, and whichever gearbox you're on, you can expect an EPA estimated fuel economy of 41MPG highway, which is rather impressive for a compact car of such size, although it remains irrelevant in American roads dominated by Focuses, Darts, and many others.

While this is a compact car for the city roads, it's not surprisingly half bad to handle although the compound crank rear suspensions doesn't feel as sophisticated as any European compacts do. It's ashamed why this new Spark is not offered in European roads, where in turn gets a more similar Vauxhall Viva or Opel Karl.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze
2016 Chevrolet Cruze interior

Okay, if the new Spark doesn't suit your taste as your first car if you recently got your driver's license, perhaps why not consider the all-new Chevrolet Cruze? Yep, the all-new model and while it doesn't look as pleasant as the previous model, at least it's not as dull as what the Chinese had. It's surprisingly bigger than the new model, more rakishly stylish, and more high-tech features than any other compact midsize saloons of its class, which really sets the competition apart.

On the inside, it still has the grim reality of having a touch-screen with added connectivity standard, meaning there is no place for your CD collection, which is very very sad why we are now living in the age where cars have irreplaceable radios, no place for CD players, and so on like what cassette players happened. Better get those CD content be ripped through your smartphone if you got enough space to do so.

Anyway, while this is basically an Opel/Vauxhall Astra K underneath, the new Chevrolet Cruze features handling similar to European compacts, making it a well-sophisticated compact saloon fit for daily uses. Under the hood, the new Cruze comes with a more peppy 1.4L turbo engine, which produces 153 horsepower and promises a EPA estimated fuel economy of 40MPG highway.

Should you buy either of those two? The new Spark starts at $12,660 while the new Cruze starts at $16,620, so whichever Chevy you choose, these new Chevys have features that will set the competition apart. Although some purists will never like the design of both of these cars, which some say it's deemed ugly, the premium amenities are what made these two compensated from their looks.

It's a shame that Europeans will miss out on those and they have to make do with their highly similar Opels or Vauxhalls, in the case of the Karl, Viva, and the Astra K.

Photo: General Motors

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