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How to dress as one of μ's

The school idol group μ's from the ever popular Love Live! School Idol Project franchise. Once started as a fan-sourced project made by a certain anime magazine, now propelled into one of the most successful franchises in the world and because it's so successful, everyone's fighting to get their products be known to μ's. From Honoka, Eli, Kotori, Umi, Rin, Maki, Nozomi, Hanayo, and Nico, every μ's member is unique in every tangible way and together, they can achieve the impossible not just for their school but to have their presence as a group be known to the world.

μ's Final Love Live
Image: Project Love Live!

Yes, with μ's Final Love Live concert coming at the end of March 2016, looks like the send-off for one of the most iconic anime teams of all time will be a big one and looks like we can expect lots and lots of μ's cosplay even before, during, or after μ's grand finale. Of course, the rate of Love Live cosplays are very common ever since the anime began last January 2013, there's no shortage of those but if you're new here, best to give you some guidelines on how to dress as one of μ's.

As we learned from the 765PRO ALL-STARS from THE IDOLM@STER (yes, I've mentioned it because of a certain point I'm going to make right about now), these idols are well-known for their wardrobe on their on-screen antics and because of so many wardrobe to choose from, guess I'll be focusing more on the hairstyles while leaving the wardrobe up to you.

As Honoka Kousaka: Honoka's a second year student and the mastermind behind μ's upon observing a certain school idol group at a certain school that sparked her an idea that would save Otonokizaka High from imminent closure, She's the kind of idol she would never give up on her friends. Actually, being Honoka isn't so bad at all, especially if you're going to become her for your cosplay plans. All you need is a semi-long orange hair that is not too long, not too short, just the right size. If you got the right hairdo, make sure the tail of your hair goes to your right. Perhaps ribbons or any other hair accessories would work just to replicate the Honoka look. If you got your hairstyle that matches Honoka's, the wardrobes are up to you.

As Eli Ayase: Eli Ayase is a quarter Russian senior student of Otonokizaka High and the president of the school's student council. At first, she denied Honoka's idea of having a school idol group but later on, because of Eli's desperate goal to save the school, she became part of μ's. Although her personality is cool as ice, her iconic smart and cute characteristics donned her the KKE nickname. That's Kashikoi Kawaii Elichika. Becoming the quarter Russian school idol is no slouch. First, save a long blonde wig for the job. For blondes with long hair, disregard this notice or if you cut your hair by accident, best to have one. If you got the blonde hair ready, give it a more sophisticated ponytail look to replicate that KKE appeal. With the hairdo now KKE-worthy, feel free to pick on the outfits either from the anime or from the School Idol Festival game regardless of rarity. Oh, and don't forget Elichika's keyword; Хорошо!

As Kotori Minami: Kotori's a second year student and one of Honoka's childhood friends. A kindhearted idol with a pure heart, Kotori's got a talent for making costumes for μ's. Actually, you may find that Kotori sounds and looks like a little girl, making her one of the most adorable members of μ's, and becoming her isn't a hard task. First, the wig of choice has to be long and it's sorta amber-colored. I bet it's colored amber but anyway, with the amber-colored hair ready, be ready with an array of hair accessories (ribbons presumably) that can be placed on your right side. Again, your right side. With Kotori's hair now in session, feel free to choose whatever costumes you like.

As Umi Sonoda: Umi's a second year student and one of Honoka's childhood friends. She's a member of the school's archery club and although she's the silent type, this μ's member is a sharp instrument, although she might find her dull in a game of cards. For those who want to dress as Umi, there's only one major requirement for this job: a long blue-colored hair. That's it. Just a long blue-colored hair and the outfits that Umi wore in the series are up to you.

As Rin Hoshizora: Rin is a freshman student who loves sports and of course, ramen. Although being the sporty type of idol you would want to hang out more often, her feline personality always gets the better of her. Like we learned from Honoka's, best to have an orange wig for the job but this time, make it shorter. With the short orange hair now primed and ready, feel free to decide on which outfit you'll dress.

As Maki Nishikino: Maki's a freshman student and her parents run a very successful hospital, therefore she's a rich girl with a sassy attitude. Although being a well-rounded tsundere, she's very skilled at playing the piano. To become Maki, best to get your red wig ready, as long as the sizing's just right to match Maki's. If so, feel free to pick whatever outfits Maki wore but for hotter recommendations, try to dress as Maki in her Wonderful Rush outfit. That will make fanboys wet their pants during bedtime.

As Nozomi Tojo: Nozomi's a senior student and the vice president of the school's student council. Although fortune-telling is Nozomi's top specialty as well as her caring personality, don't let her luck get the drop onto you because deep down, she can be very conniving, especially her signature "washi washi" pose. Aside from being the big-chested member of μ's, she's also got one of the biggest pigtails of any anime character you know, To do so, find a long hair that has shades of violet, then give it a twin-tail look to replicate Nozomi's. If done, feel free to choose whatever outfit Nozomi wore in the show.

As Hanayo Koizumi: Hanayo's a freshman, just like Rin and Maki, and although she has a bashful personality, her responsibility as one of μ's shows that she's doing her best to change. Believe it or not, she has love for plain white rice, which explains a lot. Becoming Kayo-chin is a challenge because while her hair is short, it's hard to tell if it's gold or a bit brownish (can't tell which) but if you figured out the color of the short wig that matches Hanayo, be sure to decide which costume best suits your Hanayo cosplay.

As Nico Yazawa: Nico may look like a little girl but she's a senior student just like Nozomi and Eli, and annoyingly a blabbermouth and a clumsy type. Despite her flaws, she's a good idol girl no one can resist her cute charm as well as saying her signature "Nico-Nico-Ni!" catchphrase. Becoming Nico, it takes a black semi-long hair and some twin-tails to do the trick nicely. Once you're done, feel free to decide on the costumes fit for your Nico cosplay. Oh, and don't forget her catchphrase: "Nico-Nico-Ni!

And there you have it. Being one of μ's from the Love Live anime series can be a fun experience either by yourself or with a group of mates as long as the costumes you wore are well matched to the μ's member of your liking. The stage is yours, Lovelivers! 

Fight, Dayo!

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