Monday, January 11, 2016

Leopaul's Heaven and Hell: Remembering the Master Showman

Kuya Germs

I know, I did missed the news that the Filipino showbiz legend German "Kuya Germs" Moreno died because of cardiac arrest last Friday at the age of 82. I didn't know that despite his old age, he was as energetic as ever not just as a legendary presenter on Philippine TV but as a kind-hearted producer giving birth to the freshest talents.

Before I was born, my parents remembered Kuya Germs for his eclectic performances not just as a legendary presenter but as an actor who appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. When I was existed, I'm starting to grew fondly on how Kuya Germs managed to see his energetic self in action. 

Behind the scenes, while he was not doing his acting career, he shifted himself as a talent producer, discovering good talents to raise with since That's Entertainment. Of course, I am not familiar with the show That's Entertainment because I haven't been born yet, but in my reading of Philippine showbiz mentality, that show has spawned numerous legendary celebs, most of which we know today.

Since his death, numerous celebrities across the Philippines had paid numerous tributes to the legend known as the Master Showman, the presenter who will be admired for his "Walang Tulugan" concept and be remembered for his lifetime achievements he done in the world of Philippine showbizness.

From being a janitor in a theater in Manila to the legendary presenter, actor, and talent manager, Kuya Germs will be longly remembered by us, Filipinos, for many generations to come and as for me, I have to give a heartfelt thanks to the legend that shaped the Filipino showbizness forever.

Thank You, Kuya Germs. (1933-2016)

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