Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Let's Do The News! (January 19, 2016)

- According to the lawyer from the camp of Senator Grace Poe, she admittedly used her US passport despite having a Philippine passport. During the oral arguments before the Supreme Court, Poe's lawyer said that the presidential candidate used her US passport four times until March 2010. The lawyer argued that Poe is a dual citizen at the time and had the right use both passports.

- Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile accused the President Benigno Aquino III for direct involvement to the death of forty-four Special Action Force members last year. Enrile claimed that the President  knew it from the first day about the operation to suppress the terrorists led by Marwan.

- The British Ambassador to the Philippines warned that people may resort to radicalism if the Bangsamoro Basic Law remains stalled in Congress. He also states that threats from the Islamic State militants may come in this nation following last week's Jakarta attacks. Right now, the death toll in Jakarta is now up to eight.

- Iran has vowed to push forward their missile programs despite the recent sanctions posed by the Us government. The Iranian Defense Minister condemns the recent sanctions posed by the US, saying that it won't have any effect as their missile program is completely domestic and based on Iran's own science and technologies.

- A SpaceX rocket has exploded after a failed vertical landing on a floating platform in the Pacific. Last weekend, the US space venture company launched its Falcon 9 rocket from California and successfully delivered a satellite into space. The company aims to reduce launch costs by developing technology to reuse the first stage of rockets rather than having them fall into the ocean.

- Eight people are hurt in a massive pileup of car crashes during a snowstorm in South Korea. Police say a car slipped and rammed into a guardrail on a highway in Jeongeup in the southwestern province of North Jeolla. Then, 14 vehicles hit from behind and later, another car stopped about 500 meters from the first pileup, and was hit by six others.

- Actor Vin Diesel teases the next installment of The Fast and The Furious film series. Titled Fast 8, the first of the final film's trilogy will hit theaters in April 2017 and it will be set in New York city.

- The collaboration between Love Live! School Idol Project and The Powerpuff Girls continues as the μ's are now donned in costumes from their Snow Halation song for a special exhibition beginning on the 22nd of January.

- Actress Valeen Montenegro was accused on being third party on the divorce between Ciara Sotto and her husband Jojo Oconer. Ciara has been married to Jojo five years ago, where they gave birth to an 11-month-old child.

- Actor Dingdong Dantes describes his first year of marriage with actress Marian Rivera. Late last month, the celebrity couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary. CHECK IT OUT.


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