Friday, January 8, 2016

Let's Do The News! (January 8, 2016)

- The Bureau of Immigration chief Siegfred Mison was sacked by the President of the Philippines amid persistent allegations of corruption. Mison was replaced by Palace official Ronaldo Geron Jr. as the report from the National Bureau of Investigation revealed that Mison and 17 others liable for the repeated escapes of a South Korean detained at the BI.

- According to reports, the bank accounts of ousted chief justice Renato Corona had only ten thousand pesos left since the Sandiganbayan issued a freeze order on his assets and that of his wife Cristina in March of last year. Corona's account in Land Bank yielded over two thousand pesos in deposits.

- Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said that the one billion peso budget cut on contraceptives under the Reproductive Health Law is immoral as this cut threatens to deprive millions of women of reproductive health services. In its bicameral conference for the 2016 budget, Congress decided to slash the budget for contraceptives in favor of funding the assets upgrade of the Department of National Defense.

- Satellite imagery showcased North Korea's nuclear test site about 40 minutes after the first hydrogen bomb test last Wednesday. The Institute for Science and International Security released the imagery on Thursday.

- Meanwhile, South Korea closes observation points from their demilitarized zone with North Korea before resuming anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts because of possible provocations by the North. Right now, North Koreans were seen gathering at a park on Friday in honor of the birthday of their leader Kim Jong-un.

- Earlier, reports told that Saudi Arabian planes bombed the damaged Iranian embassy building in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, and injured its staff. Since March, Saudi Arabia and other Arab coalition countries have been carrying out airstrikes against Iran-supported Shia insurgents in the neighboring Yemeni civil war last year. The Saudi-led coalition forces denied the allegation by Iran that their warplanes damaged the Iranian embassy in Yemen.

- An uncovered video footage shows that the Islamic State militants rigged remote control car bombs to avoid getting spotted by detection systems.

- A fire broke out at the Olympic Park at Rio de Janeiro, the main venue for this year's Olympic games. It occurred in a makeshift structure used as an office for construction work. Part of the structure was burned but workers managed to put the fire under control. No casualties reported. Some reports told that the fire was set by protesters who demand unpaid wages.


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