Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sakkaku Crossroads

Sakkaku Crossroads

After the recent success of Printemps' WAO-WAO Powerful Day! and lily white's Omoide Ijou ni Naritakute, now it's the turn of Bibi, consisting of Eli Ayase, Nico Yazawa, and Maki Nishikino, to perform their latest single titled Sakkaku Crossroads, which is now integrated to the Love Live! School Idol Festival app game for a limited time. With all three singles set and ready, think you can clear them all from EASY to HARD? I bet most of you managed to finish most of the difficulties in FULL COMBO and S Rank.

Anyway, this latest single features two songs, 錯覚CROSSROADS and PSYCHIC FIRE, as heard on the School Idol Festival game and for a limited time only, there's a serial code that can unlock a Super Rare μ's idol for use in the School Idol Festival game.

3)錯覚CROSSROADS(Off Vocal)

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