Saturday, January 23, 2016

The 5th Wave

Movie adaptations of best-selling books, especially young adult dystopian ones, are becoming more common even post-Hunger Games times because while these stories feature a much dystopian taste, strong female characters are becoming all the rage now since the Hunger Games and the Divergent series. Now, 2016 welcomes another movie adaptation of the best selling novels, this time, it's the first of Rick Yancey's best-selling young adult dystopian series called The 5th Wave.

The 5th Wave

This 2016 film, The 5th Wave, is the first of the trilogy. It stars ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Ron Livingston, Maggie Siff, and Alex Roe, among many others. The film, like the books, highlights in the story of a young girl named Cassie. What was once an ordinary day becomes a series of cataclysms as an alien invasion unleashed four waves of deadly attacks. The power outages, the natural calamities, the plague, and the invasion from within. As she's on the run to save her little brother, Cassie encounters a young man named Evan Walker, who could be the key to her salvation. Throughout her journey, Cassie must face the inevitable choice while preparing for the worst.

This film is very frightening at first. It's like a blend of Independence Day, 2012, Hunger Games, and Divergent, at the same pace, but for a young adult dystopian flick depicting strong female characters, this film takes the cake and it's worth empowering for the viewers to discover that no matter how darkness falls, light will always prevail. Watching through the rest of the film is like slipping through the pages fast enough because viewers will never know what twists and turns The 5th Wave may face with, even with the dystopic characters featured.

The 5th Wave maybe intimidating and terrifying to watch but for stories depicting strong females, it's a powerful message that needs to be delivered.

Don't think you'll stop here on this 5th Wave because pretty soon, the story of The 5th Wave will continue in The Infinite Sea and The Last Star, which may get adapted very very soon but in the meantime, feel free to savor the thrills and spills in the first chapter of The 5th Wave trilogy.

My rating: 3.9 out of 5.

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