Saturday, January 30, 2016

The All Of Me ending

In the final episode of All of Me, as Lena is racing against time to find Salvacion, the fairy who gave Manuel a second chance in life, she's risking eveything to save him while, unknowingly, Henry's tailing Lena and her son Ivan.

Upon the encounter of Salvacion, Lena begged Salvacion to save Manuel but Salvacion rejected because Manuel already made an agreement to her. She told everything how Manuel met her upon his death, how did the agreement came in the form of his younger self named Edong, and why did he failed his objective and risking everything to save him.

Salvacion took Manuel's life and with Manuel gone, Henry appears, using Manuel's disappearance as a chance to regain Lena and Ivan. However, Henry was shot and thrown into the well, where he will face eternal punishment from the fairy.

With Henry now out from the picture, it seems that Lena felt saddened that Manuel's gone. As for Salvacion, she recalled what the young Dr. Vicente once said to her that he will sacrifice everything for love. He was right. Manuel DID sacrifice everything for the love of Lena.

In the end, Manuel reemerged from the shadows and reunited with Lena, proving that he and his younger self, Edong, are the same person.

This concludes the story of All Of Me.

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