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20 Years of Pokemon: The 20 best Pokemon the companions had

Continuing on Pokemon's 20 Year Celebration, it's time to look on the best twenty Pokemon belonged or used to belong to the companions that tagging along the TV series' hero Ash Ketchum (Satoshi).

Wherever Ash goes on numerous adventures, he has companions and companions stick together to the very end of his journey, region by region. Like Ash, his companions have big dreams to achieve and so are the Pokemons they have on their journeys. This could be the ideal time to jot down the 20 Pokemons that Ash's companions had.

1) Misty's Togepi - Once hatched from the egg that Ash and his friends found in the cave of prehistoric Pokemon, Togepi has been tagging along with Misty for some time. We even seen one tagging along with Ash's Pikachu and friends in different sorts of adventures.

2) Brock's Zubat - While he's more than just the Pewter Gym Leader, Brock wants to live up to his reputation as a Pokemon breeder and joins Ash as one of his companions. He got a Zubat following a horde encounter. Later, it evolved into a Golbat, and during the Johto Journeys, his Golbat became a ultra-quick Crobat while pursuing against Team Rocket.

3) Tracey's Marill - A young man named Tracey served as a temporary companion to Ash and Misty during the Orange Islands adventures while Brock's left with Professor Ivy for some obligations. Tracey's Pokemon, Marill, is extremely helpful to track down other Pokemon and objects thanks to its super sensitive hearing.

4) Misty's Psyduck - Of all the Pokemons Misty had, this Psyduck is Misty's worst headache...literally, because when she calls out one of her Pokemon, Psyduck slips in.

5) May's Torchic - At the Advanced Generation, this Torchic is the ideal choice for May after her spelunking with a Treecko and a Mudkip. Later on, it evolved into Combusken and then a more powerful Blaziken. At the finale of the Advanced Generation story, the battle between Ash's Sceptile and May's Blaziken ended in a honorary draw and Ash's Sceptile split the award into half.

6) May's Beautifly - After a confusion between which Wurmple is which, the Wurmple May had evolved into Silcoon and then Beautifly. Rather than using it for battles, May's Beautifly is one of her ideal Pokemons used while taking on contests

7) May's Skitty - Thanks to Skitty's personality, May puts her Skitty to good use in Pokemon contests and with moves like Assist, a coordinator like May can manage to pull off through risky contests scenarios.

8) Brock's Mudkip - Upon saving the Mudkips from a perilous fall, one of the Mudkips became part of Brock's team. Later on, it evolved into a Marshtomp but just like Brock, this Marshtomp is unlucky in love.

9) Dawn's Piplup - Dawn's first Pokemon, Piplup, may have a rough start at first but they really are the best of friends in times of crisis. It even tags along pretty well with Ash's Pikachu.

10) Brock's Croagunk - The pairing between Brock and Croagunk is what you may called hilarious because when every time Brock falls in love with a beautiful lady he encountered, his Croagunk tends to Poison Jab him out in the cold.

11) Dawn's Buneary - Dawn's first caught Pokemon is a Buneary and thanks to its quirky personality, this Buneary enjoys tagging along with Dawn and friends. It even had a crush on Ash's Pikachu, which explains a lot.

12) Brock's Happiny - Brock won an egg after his Croagunk won the dress-up contest and the egg Brock had hatched into a Happiny, setting a good example of him being a Pokemon breeder and a great babysitter to his Pokemons.

13) Dawn's Pachirisu - At first, Dawn wanted to catch Pachirisu because its so cute and she did, after an exhausting battle, but Pachirisu is too much to be taken care of by Dawn, so she lets it go. However, when crisis arise, Pachirisu reunites and officially became part of Dawn's team even though its Discharge needs a little more work.

14) Dawn's Togekiss - Dawn received a Togekiss from a princess who looks just like her after a Pokemon contest and its graceful movements could benefit Dawn in times of Pokemon contests. It even comes with moves like Air Slash and Aura Sphere, which is great not just in contests but in battles.

15) Iris' Axew - Received from the Elder at the Village of Dragons, Iris' Axew is similar to Ash's Pikachu because it tends to be out from the Poke Ball and tags along with her. Although not focused for fighting, Iris wanted her Axew to believe in its strengths and together, they can overcome different hardships.

16) Cilan's Pansage - This Pansage is what Cilan, one of the Striaton Gym Leaders and Pokemon Connoisseur, fell in love with when he first met. Combining his great cooking skills and Pansage's berry-picking talents, they are always here to prepare a meal for the gang. Battle-wise, his Pansage is gutsy enough to take on risks...well, almost.

17) Iris' Dragonite - Once rescued by Iris after a battle against a powerful Hydreigon, Iris' Dragonite has a very aggressive personality and you don't want to meddle around with it. Despite its aggressive behavior, Iris is always there to calm her ferocious beast down and with such power, Iris puts her Dragonite to good use in battles.

18) Clemont's Chespin - As a thank you present for saving Professor Sycamore from Team Rocket, Chespin's became part of Clemont's team, although this Pokemon is to blame when their meals served are gone.

19) Serena's Fennekin - Serena chose a Fennekin at the start of her journey as a Pokemon Trainer but her goals are shifted when she wanted to be just like the famed Kalos Queen Aria, so she becomes a Pokemon performer to fulfill her destiny. After her Fennekin tripped in the middle of the contest, causing her first humiliating loss, Serena changed her look and if that wasn't enough, her Fennekin evolved into a Braixen upon battling Aria's Delphox. Now, the best of friends are working very hard to achieve their goal to become Kalos' best Pokemon performer.

20) Serena's Pancham - Serena's first caught Pokemon is a Pancham because upon witnessing one interrupting a Pokemon performance showcase, Serena wanted to caught one because she wanted a Pokemon that would benefit her goal to become a Kalos Queen. After scaring away Team Rocket, Serena's Fennekin battled Pancham until Serena captured it, making it a necessary member of Serena's. Of course, she even gave her Pancham her shades, knowing that the Pancham viewers will know is definitely Serena's Pancham. Sadly, her Pancham doesn't get along very well with Clemont's Chespin.

That's it for the 20 best Pokemon belonged to Ash's companions as seen in the TV series. So, what's next during the year-long Pokemon 20 year celebration? Find out soon!

Photo: Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku

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