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20 Years of Pokemon: The 20 best Pokemon Team Rocket belonged

Continuing on Pokemon's 20 year celebration this year, it might the (inappropriately) proper time to jot down the Pokemon belonged to the dastardly trio that keeps chasing Ash and Pikachu from all corners of the world; Team Rocket.

Team Rocket is known to be the most notorious band of Pokemon thieves in the world. Of course, there are different Team Rocket soldiers everywhere but the most famous ones are the dastardly trio of Jessie (Musashi), James (Koujiro), and their talking Pokemon Meowth. Of course, these bad guys deployed tons of inventions dedicated to steal Pikachu but they always blasting off again...and again...and again, every time, everywhere.

Team Rocket are always in the never-ending game of cat and mouse against Ash and Pikachu. They are cunning, vicious, and sadly, very stupid. Still, we enjoy these baddies blasting off as much as any other cartoon villains getting flung at the end and come back for more. So, ready to jot down the best of Pokemon belonged to the dastardly trio?

1) Ekans/Arbok - This slithering Pokemon has been the choice of Jessie when it comes to scare off Ash and Pikachu and even when it evolved into a much terrifying Arbok, it's great to say that Jessie had the best Pokemon until it was surrendered by a poacher in Hoenn.

2) Meowth - This talking feline needs no introduction because this feline is the third member of Team Rocket and always hatching plots to steal Ash's Pikachu, although most of its plans always failed. Meowth's a real bad guy and all bad guys are not cute...although our favorite Pokemon baddie is also tagging along with Pikachu and friends in series of adventures, including Pikachu shorts shown before a Pokemon movie.

3) Koffing/Weezing - James once said that his Koffing "smells like old sneakers soaked in stinkbug juice mixed with some rotten eggs and dead fish with just a touch of skunk fumes!" Same thing goes to its evolved Weezing and either way, this foul-odored Pokemon is always terrorizing Pikachu and friends with its foul and poisonous attacks. Sadly, like Jessie's Arbok, James' Weezing was surrendered to the poacher from Hoenn.

4) Growlie - When James used to be part of a wealthy family, his parents tried to marry him off to a girl named Jessebelle (who looks just like Jessie) and then he ran away along with his Growlithe named Growlie. Of course, with situations like these, James only relies on the "twerps" to escape from Jessebelle's clutches.

5) Lickitung - Because having one Pokemon isn't enough, Jessie gets another one to use it alongside her Arbok and that's a Lickitung, a Pokemon whose tongue is at least twice as long as its body. Sadly, her Lickitung was swapped for a worthless Wobbuffet, who became the fourth member of Team Rocket. How embarrassing.

6) Victreebel - Same thing goes for James because having a Weezing isn't enough so he gets himself a second cour and that's none other than a Victreebel, probably one of the grass-type Pokemons that like to munch on James' head.

7) Wobbuffet - After a mishaps that completely swapped her Lickitung for this, Wobbuffet officially became the fourth member of Team Rocket and always plays as the dimwitted member of the team.

8) Dustox - When May's Wurmple evolved into Silcoon and then Beautifly, Jessie's Wurmple evolved into Cascoon and then Dustox. In addition of using it to attack Ash and friends, Jessie's Dustox is also her one-way ticket to fame when it comes to participating Pokemon contests and facing stiff competition with May and her Beautifly.

9) Seviper - As a replacement for her Arbok, Jessie got a Seviper from the Hoenn region after facing a long-time feud with Zangoose. Although loyal to Jessie, Seviper never back down without a fight and when it comes to attacking Pikachu and friends, this Seviper is vicious.

10) Cacnea - Another grass-type Pokemon that likes to have James' head as its feast is a Cacnea.

11) Chimecho - Apart from his Cacnea, James' second Hoenn Pokemon is a Chimecho after being duped into buying a Hoppip. When it became sick, James left his Chimecho to his Nanny and Pop-Pop but vows to return for it after it recovers...which sadly he didn't came back for his Chimecho.

12) Yanmega - After Jessie captured a Yanma in the Sinnoh region, it evolved into a Yanmega very quickly and with its sharp sense of sight, Jessie's Yanmega can see everywhere when it comes to hunting down Ash's Pikachu.

13) Carnivine - Like Victreebel and Cacnea, James' Sinnoh Pokemon, Carnivine, is also a big fan of his head and likes to munch on it when he calls one out. Believe it or not, this Carnivine is James' long-lost childhood friend. Talk about a heart-breaking reunion, right?

14) Mime Jr. - While James' Nanny and Pop-Pop are nursing his sick Chimecho, this little Pokemon unknowingly jumps into an empty Poke Ball and became part of James' Pokemon entourage. Although cute, this little Pokemon tends to play tricks on Ash and friends.

15) Woobat - One of Jessie's Unova Pokemon in their never-ending game of cat and mouse against Ash and Pikachu, its Gust attack is strong enough to blow Ash's Pikachu out in the sky.

16) Frillish - This is also one of Jessie's Unova Pokemon and one grip from it can paralyze a Pokemon with poison.

17) Yamask - One of James' Unova Pokemon and a great friend of his upon feeding one because the only way to this Pokemon's hearth was through its stomach. It terrified Ash and the gang with its Will-o-Wisp attack as well as Shadow Ball.

18) Amoonguss - Also one of James' Unova Pokemon. Its Body Slam is so strong, it stopped Ash's Pikachu in its tracks and use devious array of attacks to make Ash and friends' lives miserable.

19) Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist - Jessie's Kalos Pokemon is a Pumpkaboo and she caught one upon being caught in a crossfire between them and a Pangoro. Believe it or not, the Pumpkaboo Jessie caught is a Super Size Pumpkaboo, the largest of the Pumpkaboos, and in the XY episode "A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?" a heartbroken trade made Pumpkaboo evolved into a Gourgeist and then traded back to Jessie's, showing how much she cherished her friendship with the Pumpkaboo. With the two together, not only they made Ash's life on field miserable, but also Serena's in Pokemon performances.

20) Inkay - Inkay is James' Kalos Pokemon which is also making Ash's life miserable with its Psybeam attack. Our favorite moment of James doing with his Inkay is disguising it into Pikachu while fooling the townspeople thinking that they're Ash (James), Serena (Jessie) and Bonnie (Meowth) in the episode "Heroes, Friends and Faux Alike!" but in the episode "Facing the Grand Design!", James' Inkay plays as the good guy to stop a sinister plot done by a horde of Malamars, showing how much love James and Inkay meant for each other.

That's it for the 20 best Pokemon belonged to Team Rocket as seen in the TV series. So, what's next during the year-long Pokemon 20 year celebration? Find out soon!

Oops! There goes the finishing line; WE'RE BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!

Photo: Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku

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