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20 Years of Pokemon: The 20 toughest Pokemon

Continuing on the celebration for twenty years of Pokemon, it's time to focus on the toughest Pokemons in history. At the hands of the skilled trainer, a well-trained Pokemon can settle the difference between victory and defeat. Whether in video games and in the real-world via online battles, regional battles, or even the annual Pokemon World Championships, the world's top ace trainers spent most of the time creating a battle-honed roster where success and humiliation is in balance. Now it's time to jot down the twenty of the toughest Pokemons selected by the world's top ace trainers. Oh, and before you write down anything, we're not going to include legendaries. Sorry.

1) Charizard - Charizard has been the pride of every Pokemon trainer since the first games and in this latest generation, trainers put this old-timer to good use in various battle formats. Of course, Charizard comes with two Mega Evolution forms; X and Y, but skillful trainers go for the Mega Charizard Y because of its Drought ability allowing it to unleash Solar Beam in one go or boost its fire-type attacks such as Heat Wave.

2) Kangaskhan - Trainers found great use for this Pokemon in Double Battles courtesy of its Mega Evolved form, its signature Parental Bond ability, which causes attacks to strike twice with the second hit dealing only half the damage. When fitted with moves like Fake Out and Earthquake, it's no question that this Kangaskhan makes the cut in one of the toughest Pokemons in history.

3) Politoed - The weather served as the great equalizer in battles and for a Politoed that comes with a hidden Drizzle ability, it's the polar opposite of Mega Charizard Y's Drought ability should this one popped out in the middle of the battle. With the rainy weather present, not only Politoed's water-type attacks are more powerful but one of its allies can use the powerful Thunder attack without fail.

4) Blaziken - If a Blaziken or a Mega Blaziken comes with the crafty Speed Boost ability, trainers can resort to its crafty Protect-first-before-attack strategy allowing its continuous increase in speed get in the opponent's' way. With enough speed boosted from this ability, trainers can unleash its powerful moves ranging from Hi Jump Kick, Blaze Kick, or even Brave Bird.

5) Gardevoir - In Double Battles and Triple Battles, Gardevoir's proven to be quite a threat, especially those who are weak against Fairy types. The secret is in the Pixilate ability when Gardevoir's Mega Evolution is active and with this ability, it allows Normal-type attacks act like Fairy-type attacks, giving Mega Gardevoir's Hyper Voice attack to sustain more damage than the Dazzling Gleam.

6) Salamence - The Intimidate ability on Salamence cuts down the opponent's Attack rating, allowing its moves to deal less damage but when Mega Evolution's engaged, Mega Salamence comes with the Aerilate ability, which allows Normal-type attacks act like Flying-type attacks, allowing its Double-Edge attack to cause catastrophic damage. It hurts the opponent more than it hurts itself. Apart from being a massive threat in traditional single battles, it's also proven to be quite a handful in double battles.

7) Rotom - As told previously, Rotom can be outfitted with different kinds of appliances to suit their fighting style but the most common Rotom used in battle is the Wash Rotom given to its heavy duty defense and its eclectic mix of moves ranging from Will-o-Wisp, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, or any other that can turn the battle to their favors.

8) Garchomp - The Ground-and-Dragon type Garchomp has been proven to be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in Single Battles. Although trainers don't tempt to Mega Evolve it and resort to items such as Choice Scarf or Choice Band, trainers rely on the Rough Skin ability which hurts the attacking Pokemon via close range. No. What they did rely on is its high attack power, allowing Garchomp to unleash devastating moves like Earthquake, Outrage, or Stone Edge.

9) Cresselia - Although trainers never use a Cresselia for fighting, they found this legendary Pokemon to be quite a handful in Double battles. When Cresselia comes with the Trick Room move, the slowest Pokemon can go first allowing its more devastatingly powerful moves to throw into the mix. In terms of defense to its allies, Cresselia can be outfitted with moves like Calm Mind or Thunder Wave.

10) Heatran - What benefitted this legendary Pokemon to be one of the toughest in this list? Is it the defense? The incredibly high special attack power? Nope, it's the Flash Fire ability which protects itself from Fire-type attacks and in return, boosts its Fire-type attacks, proven to be quite a handful in Double or Triple Battles if an ally's a Grass or a Steel or whatever weaker against Fire types.

11) Amoonguss - Amoonguss is proven to be quite the dark horse in double or triple battles because if this Pokemon comes with the Rage Powder move, opponents will only attack on Amoonguss, giving its allies a chance to attack those that attacked Amoonguss.

12) Whimsicott - In Rotation Battles, Whimsicott can be quite a craftful in an event a Dragon-type Pokemon's going to attack with a Dragon-type move against a Dragon-type Pokemon. Because Fairy-types are immune to Dragon-type attacks, Whimsicott has the chance to use its Tailwind, allowing its allies to go first for five turns.

13) Togekiss - The same issue goes for Togekiss because in Rotation Battles, Togekiss is used as cover against Dragon-type attacks but in some battles where Togekiss has the upper hand, trainers take advantage of its Serene Grace ability to allow its Air Slash to flinch opponents by around 80%.

14) Azumarill - When Azumarill now classified as a Water and Fairy type when the XY games came out, there's one trick added to the classic Johto Pokemon and that's the Huge Power ability, doubling Azumarill's attack power. Word from the mouth is that some trainers managed to get a hold of an Azumarill with moves a normal one couldn't learn such as Belly Drum and Aqua Jet.

15) Thundurus - If trainers stick to its Incarnate Forme, Thundurus' Prankster ability mean it can give time to its status moves either by itself, its allies, or its foes, but with its Therian Forme active, its Volt Absorb ability means it can protect itself (and its allies) against Electric-type attacks and in return, its HP is healed.

16) Landorus - Trainers go for its Therian Forme because of its Intimidate ability that cuts down its opponents' attack power while taking advantage of its high attack power with moves such as Earthquake and Rock Slide, proving it to be quite a handful in Double Battles. There was one trick about the Intimidate ability because if two Pokemon working together came with this ability, their opponents' attack powers will harshly suffer and there's also another trick where if one switches out, it will come back to have its opponents' attack weakened. Useful piece of advice.

17) Talonflame - Although its attack rating is somewhat average, its incredibly high speed rating and its knack for recoil attacks such as Brave Bird and Flare Blitz made Talonflame a top priority for ace trainers. If anyone's lucky to have one with the Gale Wings ability, it will give Talonflame a headstart with its Brave Bird attack or better yet, some may use its Tailwind to have its allies go first.

18) Sylveon - The latest evolved form of Eevee has been proven to be quite a craftful Pokemon should this Pokemon come with the Pixilate ability that allows its Normal-type attacks act like Fairy-types. Combine this ability with the Hyper Voice attack and this Sylveon's got guts in the heat of double or triple battle. Apart from that, trainers can take advantage of its high special defense rating as well as the habit of using defensive moves like Protect or Detect.

19) Meowstic - The evolved form of Espurr has two forms; a male or a female and it has different moves to learn depending on its gender. The most common Meowstic used in battle is the male one because of its excellent defense. In triple battles, if this come with the Prankster ability, the male Meowstic can cover its allies with Light Screen and Reflect.

20) Aegislash - You know this one of course but if you didn't; this Steel-and-Ghost type Pokemon has been quite a craftful for skilled trainers thanks to its defend-first-before-attack strategy courtesy of its Stance Change.

That's it for the world's toughest Pokemons in celebration of Pokemon's 20th anniversary. Tune in next time as I'll be listing favorite Pokemon per type. Good bye!

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