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20 Years of Pokemon: Your favorite per type?

Continuing on the celebration for twenty years of Pokemon, it's time to focus on my favorite Pokemon per type. Up until now, there are 18 Pokemon types from Grass to Fairy and these types decide the battling factor for every trainer if they have the knowledge to know what's super effective against, not very effective against, and what doesn't affect. Between you and me, each type has its fanbase and if somebody asked you have a favorite Pokemon? Well, I can tell you what's my favorite type!

Bug - I would say Vivillon because despite being dreadful that it's considered as the, well you get the idea, Vivillon is well famous for its different kinds of patterns most trainers wanted to collect by trading each others' Vivillons for patterns. Although I'm not nearly once for pattern collections, I find Vivillon to be quite a charm for me.

Dragon - I think it would have to be Salamence because thanks to its brutal offensive powers as well as its Intimidate ability, I see Salamence to be quite a multirole in terms of Pokemon battles. With its Mega Evolution introduced in ORAS, my strong liking to Salamence has been powered up a little further.

Fairy - Like everyone else in the world, I would prefer Sylveon. Since the introduction of Fairy types in XY (perhaps I have a strong theory that someone worked under the influence of Project Fairy in the making of these games), some are very skeptical about Fairy types. There are those new to the franchise and there are existing ones reclassified as Fairies, but either way, the Fairy type has been quite a welcoming addition to the franchise and this Sylveon, one of the Eevee friends, takes the cake.

Fire - Charizard because it has been the pride of every Pokemon trainer in the world since the very beginning. Red from Pokemon Origins has one, Ash used to had one of those, even Alain (the guy from the Mega Evolution specials and now reappearing as Ash's formidable rival in the XYZ series) has one! Anyway, I have always been a fan of Charizard since the first games and while stories get older, Charizard gets better.

Ghost - My favorite Ghost Pokemon will always be Gengar because apart from its scary appearance, Gengar's quite a quick fighter to lunge its foes with its long range attacks. I have been in love with Gengar since the first games, although I didn't managed to have one in the past due to the fact that Gengar evolves by trading.

Ground - Groudon is my favorite Ground Pokemon because apart from being one of the Hoenn legends, Groudon's proven to be the most powerful of all the Ground types and with Primal Reversion, the unique combination of Ground-and-Fire really is proof that Groudon is the master of the lands, which is the same way as Kyogre rules the seas.

Normal - I couldn't think of a favorite Normal type Pokemon but if there's one, there's room for Swellow because I find Swellow to be quite a dark horse in battles thanks to its Guts ability. When Poisoned, Burned, or Paralyzed, its attack power is boosted and with the combination of this Guts ability and the Facade attack, Swellow's bound to deliver some serious damage to its enemies. Clever, I dare say.

Psychic - I know one and it has to be Gardevoir because in my previous posts, I've listed Gardevoir as one of the prettiest Pokemons in history and apart from being a graceful looking Pokemon, Gardevoir is a fierce fighter that takes advantage to its Special Attack power.

Steel - Aegislash for me because back then, I managed to take advantage of Aegislash's strategy involving defend-first-before-attack. That's when its King's Shield comes into play and while taking advantage of its incredibly high defense on Shield Form, I can unleash powerful attacks when switched to Blade Forme. Then, I managed to have Aegislash defend again. This whole defend-before-attack trick is what made others taking advantage of Aegislash.

Dark - Of all the Dark types, my bet would be on Zoroark. It's a shame that I didn't put Zoroark in the list of scariest Pokemons but what made me surprised is its Illusion ability that takes the appearance of the last conscious party Pokemon upon battling. It's like a Ditto in so many ways but there's a chink; it can only use most of Zoroark's moves. Tricky, isn't it? You couldn't tell unless the impostor used the Night Daze. If it uses it, it's bound to be Zoroark's.

Electric - Pikachu will always be, and ever be, my favorite Pokemon not just for the Electric types but for the rest of the Pokemon. It's the cutest, the prettiest, and the scariest Pokemon I will always remember for.

Fighting - I strongly believed that Lucario is my favorite Fighting-type Pokemon just like the rest of the world does. While its defense is somewhat lacking, it's amazing combination of offense and speed is what made Lucario great on Pokemon battles and when its Mega Evolution's engaged, Lucario can triumph any challenge it sees fit.

Flying - Yeah, I admit, I should have mentioned....someone from far above, but if I have a favorite Flying-type Pokemon, I think it would have to be Talonflame because it's brave enough to use whatever recoil attacks it see fit and it's quick on its Gale Wings. Get it?

Grass - For Grass-types, my favorite will be the pretty Roserade because I am in love in its appearance and it makes me want to have one, although I may find that its attributes haven't tested yet in the field of battle, but the more I'm using Roserade, the more it will unleash its inner potential.

Ice - From the long list of Ice types, my favorite will be Weavile because not only it's offensive, it's darn quick. I wish I want to try Weavile out when Pokken Tournament comes out because I wanna see if that Weavile lives up to its quicky promise.

Poison - Well, you got me, but Muk's my favorite Poison-type Pokemon because its scary appearance is what made me swoon since my childhood.

Rock - I am no fan of Rock-type but if I had a favorite, I believe it's Aerodactyl. Having emerged from the Old Amber fossil, Aerodactyl's well known for its combination of brute force and speed and with its Mega Evolution engaged, Aerodactyl knows who's laughing now at the end of the battle.

Water - Blastoise is not just my favorite Water-type Pokemon but it's the first Pokemon I will always remember for ever since I had a Blue Version when I was a elementary school kid. Blastoise and I had been in numerous challenges and I had fond memories with it. You will always be my first Pokemon.

Well, that's all there is to it but the Pokemon 20 year celebration continues because throughout the year 2016, let's talk more about what's what in the world of Pokemon from games, the TV show, and whatever. Until then, see you next time.

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