Monday, February 8, 2016

Broncos won historic SB50 match

The 50th Super Bowl match is by no means the most historic of all the past Super Bowl matches since the first Super Bowl occurred in the 60's and with the match between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, this was one heck of a match that, of course, will be written in the American football history books.

At the score of 24-10, the Denver Broncos won the historic match against the Carolina Panthers, all thanks to their questionable but rough offensive and defensive strategies pulled by the Broncos' finest players. The Panthers did well but they were lacking much effort, even for the star player Cam Newton himself.

Post-game, Broncos' Von Miller was named as the SB50 MVP and joining the ranks of the past Super Bowl MVPs in history. As for star player Peyton Manning, during an interview, looks like he puts his retirement decision on hold and he will keep playing to his heart's content.

Well done Broncos for your historic win in the 50th Super Bowl match!

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