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If you know this secret message above, that means "THE TEN BEST GRAVITY FALLS MOMENTS". Now, moving on...

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After a four-year run, Disney's hit animated TV show, Gravity Falls, reaches its climax on President's Day (February 15, 2016) with a one-hour finale where the Pines and the rest of the Gravity Falls residents staged a resistance to save the world from the clutches of Bill Cipher and end the Weirdmageddon once and for all. That's right, it's payback time and it's time to take back the falls.

Before witnessing the liberation of Gravity Falls this Presidents' Day, time to honor the impending liberation by listing down the ten best moments in Gravity Falls history, the moments when we saw the Mystery Twins at their very best.

1) The pilot episode will always be the most memorable moment in Gravity Falls history and this is the episode we should all deserve an awkward sibling hug at the end of the day. In the first episode, we saw Dipper and Mabel arrived at Gravity Falls to spend their summer vacation with their Grunkle Stan, only to find out that this place holds so many paranormal mysteries. The gnomes are just the start of the Mystery Twins' quest to solve the mysteries of this mysterious town and also the zombie. the hat that Dipper wore throughout the show, and the grappling hook Mabel got.

2) In the "Double Dipper" episode, Dipper has a lot to do on his list while the Mystery Shack throws a wild party. He wants to spend the night with Wendy but complicated things set them apart until Dipper encounters a mysterious copy machine that makes copies of himself but sometimes, more isn't better because the Dipper copies are having a mind of their own. Like paper, the Dipper copy can get dissolved by anything liquid, even water.

3) Who wants a Lamby Lamby Lamby? I do! I do! In the episode "The Inconveniencing", in order for Dipper to save Mabel and a bunch of teenagers, including Wendy, he has to confront against the ghosts running amok from the abandoned convenience store. Those ghosts as it turned out to be an elderly couple died from a heart attack after being attacked by teenagers after banning them from the store. To do that, the ghosts asked him to do a funny dance and that's how Dipper got to do the Lamby Lamby Dance. With the costume set, he's doing the dance to please the ghosts, setting everyone free. Still a good moment to enjoy than getting high on Smile Dip that Mabel had. THE FUTURE IS IN THE PAST! ONWARDS, AOSHIMA!

4) If you can have one video game character come to life and become your bodyguard, who will it be and why? That's the question that comes to mind when Dipper summoned a video game character named Rumble McSkirmish from Fight Fighters when he tried to use the so-called "ultimate power" combo. Originally, he wanted to have his video game character to give Robbie a good kicking but when bad things happened, it's up to Dipper to stop Rumble. Those video game references on it really got my inner geek going.

5) Their first encounter against the demon named Bill Cipher in the Dreamscaperers episode is the turning point while Dipper, Mabel, and Soos, work together to stop Bill from entering the biggest secret of Grunkle Stan's mind that would spell doom to the Mystery Shack. Because they're at the dream world, anything is possible to defeat Bill. After defeating Bill, they've succeeded to save Grunkle Stan but Gideon used force to take over the shack. In the first season finale titled "Gideon Rises", just when all hope is lost to regain the shack from Gideon, Dipper and Mabel thrown everything they got to defeat Gideon. In the end, Grunkle Stan exposed the truth that Gideon's a fraud and the shack is back in business. The biggest mystery remains is what's under the shack that Stan's working on?

6) Into the Bunker sees a much tougher Wendy while the gang is exploring under the mysterious bunker to further investigate who is the author behind the mystery journals. This is the very episode that Dipper told the truth about his feelings for Wendy and who can blame them?

7) In the episode Society of the Blind Eye, Dipper and Mabel believed that Old Man McGucket is the alleged author of the Mystery Journals and he was one of the many people whose memories wiped out by a cult known as the Society of the Blind Eye, led by Blind Ivan. With the help of Old Man McGucket, the gang investigate the mysterious cult and then take them out for good, especially when it comes to wiping out the leader's memory. It is believed that the gadget used by the cult to erase everyone's mind is an invention of McGucket himself during his youth but McGucket's not responsible for the mystery journals. Question is who?

8) This is where the biggest secret in Grunkle Stan's life is uncovered as in the episode "Not What He Seems", he was captured by government agents, trying to uncover the truth behind the anomalies surrounding Gravity Falls. As for Dipper and Mabel, they're uncovering what's under the shack, which is none other than the portal from another dimension which one of the journals claimed that it will trigger the end of space and time. In the end, the portal didn't triggered cataclysm but it unleashed a mysterious figure who looks just like Grunkle Stan.

In the episode "A Tale of Two Stans", the man in question is the real Stanford Pines, the six-fingered man behind the journals while the Grunkle Stan as we know is actually Stanley Pines. Viewers witnessed how the twins' tales unraveled to the very story we are seeing it now. With the truth uncovered, government agents surrounded the Mystery Shack but one of the real Stanford Pines' inventions managed to slip past through the agents. In the end, Ford demanded Stan that when this summer's over, he wants his name back and shut the Mystery Shack forever.

9) Dipper and Mabel's 13th birthday is drawing near and in the episode titled "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future", viewers find out that living an imminent teenage is harsh as they thought. Mabel wants to throw a big birthday party but all is grim when their birthdays will happen at the end of summer, Wendy warns that high school life is harsh, and her friends are leaving. As for Dipper, he's working alongside Great Uncle Ford to investigate a mysterious UFO which contains a special adhesive that will one day save time and space. The end of the episode is rather shocking because not only Mabel learned the truth about Dipper's, she was fooled by Bill Cipher, who used Blendin Blandin's body, and unleashed Weirdmageddon.

10) The demon known as Bill Cipher ruled Gravity Falls with an iron fist upon unleashing the ultimate terror known as Weirdmageddon and with most of the residents as well as Great Uncle Ford and Mabel held captive by Bill, only a handful of survivors such as Dipper, Wendy, and Soos must survive the nightmarish reality. The first part of the Weirdmageddon is very weird and very terrifying but the storyline keeps getting hotter and hotter as viewers witnessed how will Dipper survive the onslaught to save his sister and in due course, the world. In the second Weirdmageddon chapter, Escape from Reality, the trio entered Mabel's Bubble and while the two got succumbed into their temptations, Dipper tries to expose the truth inside this bubble and that meant going on court to reveal how much the twins bonded each other for bad times and good times. From awkward, now sincere, the bonds between the twins are stronger than ever.

Now that the twins reunite and the shack's intact along with Grunkle Stan and the handful of survivors, including the Multi-Bear, on it, will they take back the falls and win the battle against Bill?

Don't miss the one-hour finale of Gravity Falls airing this Presidents' Day (February 15) on Disney XD! Check local listings.

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