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If you know the secret message above, it says "THE GRAVITY FALLS FINALE". So, how was it?

Gravity Falls finale

The finale episode titled "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls" sees Dipper and Mabel band the remaining residents of Gravity Falls as well as the other monsters such as the gnomes, the Man-otaurs, the golfballs, the multi-bear, even Rumble McSkirmish, to stage a resistance and save the universe from Bill Cipher's impending plot to destroy the universe, even if it means that one of the Pines will face the inevitable sacrifice.

Upon saving Great Uncle Ford in Bill's Fear-amid while Bill's eye got ruptured by the Shacktron, Ford utilized a plot to defeat the space demon and that meant utilizing the ancient prophecy that only the ten individuals bearing the significant symbols are the key to eradicate Bill.

Ford, Stan, Soos, Wendy, Dipper, Old Man McGucket, Pacifica, Mabel, Lil Gideon, and Robbie V, they're bearing the symbols prophesized to defeat Bill but due to the sibling rivalry between the two Stans, the prophecy's failed and Bill's taking them hostage along with Dipper and Mabel but Mabel sprayed Bill's eye, prompting the Mystery Twins to get away. Meanwhile, the two Stans confessed themselves about their pasts while the Mystery Twins reached the dead end.

Caught by Bill, Ford's ready to pay up the ransom (by letting Bill entering Ford's mind) and when the ransom's done, Bill entered Ford's mind when suddenly, Bill saw Stan. Bill fell for the switch glitch and with Bill trapped inside Stan's mind, Ford's firing the memory-erasing gadget (as seen from the Society of the Blind Eye) to Stan, eradicating Bill Cipher out of his existence, but sadly, Stan's memories also wiped out as well.

Following the victory against Bill Cipher, the Mystery Twins are trying to recover Stan's memories and then Mabel's scrapbook comes into mind (and so is Waddles), the key to recover Stan's memories. Nothing like a good old family bonding in the end.

Onto the climax; Gravity Falls is back to the way things were, Mayor Tyler Cutebiker passed the "Never Mind About That" Act, the Northwest family went bankrupt and all their properties now belonged to Old Man McGuckett, Lil Gideon's moved on from his bad ways and living like a regular kid (almost), and the Mystery Twins celebrated their 13th birthday. However, following Ford's decision to join Stan to his journey, Stan announced that he's shutting down the Mystery Shack for good but Soos opposes because most of the dreams, even his, are on this Shack. Thanks to this persuasion, Stan appointed Soos as the new manager of the Mystery Shack.

A day later, the Mystery Twins bid everyone at Gravity Falls farewell, even the Stans, Mabel's friends, and Wendy who swapped hats with Dipper and gave him a farewell letter. However, there's one individual too bonded to have it left and that's Mabel's pig Waddles and thanks to the Stans threatening the bus driver, Waddles is joining Dipper and Mabel on their journey home.

The finale of Disney's hit TV show Gravity Falls brings joy, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear among viewers while witnessing the Pines' final battle against the god of destruction even if noble sacrifices are meant to be made for the salvation of the universe and even though the show ended its four year run since it started last summer 2012, you, I, and the rest of the fans, will remember this instant classic show about the pre-teen twins solving mysteries in every single corner after another for generations to come. If I had my last words about this show, I would say I am thankful to have such a show like this because like what Dipper said "It's part of growing up. Everything changes. Summer ends," but even Gravity Falls is over, this show will be remembered forever by kids and kids once upon a time, even me.

Speaking of which, did you caught the glimpse of the final secret message during the final credits roll? If so, what's it said? Anyway, no time to crack what's the final secret message is but I hope everyone enjoyed the finale.

Thank You, Gravity Falls.

Image: Disney

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