Friday, February 19, 2016

Let's Do The News! (February 19, 2016)

- Sports apparel brand Nike revoked its sponsorship with Manny Pacquiao following his harsh comments against same-sex marriage, saying they're even worse than animals. If losing a sponsorship wasn't enough, Pacquiao may face disqualification in the May 2016 elections because of his final fight against Tim Bradley on the 9th of April.

- China denied the US reports over the deployment of SAMs on a disputed island in the South China Sea. The US government confirmed that China's deployment of air-defense missiles over the past week on Woody Island in the disputed Paracel chain. US Secretary of State John Kerry criticized China for contradicting Chinese leader Xi Jinping's remarks about not militarizing the South China Sea.

- Philippine President Benigno Aquino III signed the Salary Standardization Law that raises the salary of about 1.6 million government workers by an average of 27%.

- Pope Francis condemns Republican frontrunner Donald Trump over his views on US immigration, stating that is "not Christian". After his Mexican trip, the Pope referred to Trump's pledge to build a wall along the Mexican border to repel illegal immigrants if elected. Pope Francis calls Trump's plot "not Christian".

- A nuclear material was stolen in Iraq late last year according to the IAEA, prompting authorities to launch a search for the material. The stolen material is iridium-192 and this isotope is the second most dangerous on its 5-level scale. If contact, it would be deadly over a period of hours to days. The theft has given rise to concerns that the material could fall into the hands of terrorists such as the Islamic State militants and be used to make a dirty bomb.

- The Aston Martin DB10 from last year's 007: SPECTRE film was auctioned for over 3.5 million dollars as part of the auctioning of movie props courtesy of Christie's. The auction exceeds the original estimate of at least $1.4 million and proceeds went to Doctors Without Borders.

Aston Martin DB10 from 007: SPECTRE

- The Volvo V90 flagship estate was unveiled in time before next month's Geneva Motor Show, featuring Volvo's signature safety tech, S90-inspired looks, and a range of engine choices including the T8 PHEV which uses a twincharged 2.0L 4-cylinder engine paired to an electric motor to generate 410HP of power.

2017 Volvo V90

- The Pagani Huayra BC has been uncovered before its Geneva Motor Show debut next month. The V12 engine now produces 789HP of power and 811lb-ft of torque, while mated with a more updated 7-speed gearbox. With lightness is the main focus for the BC, its weight-saving materials made this beast lost 132kg of weight.

2017 Pagani Huayra BC

- Following the 346 Production version Mika Jougasaki figma, her little sister Rika Jougasaki from THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls is getting a brand new Cinderella Project figma variant inspired from the TV series. Order books are open for her with prices start at 5,833 Yen plus tax and she'll be arriving this July. Complete the sisters, right away!

figma Rika Jougasaki
Cinderella Project version

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