Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Fans of Dounts' ever-popular idol rhythm mobile game, Tokyo 7th Sisters will be familiarized with the story of the fabled idol group 7th Sisters, the idol group that rose to stardom until their breakup two years later, giving birth to new talents from the 777, the studio named in honor of the fabled idol group. Here's your chance to uncover their never-before told backstory in this new CD.


The latest single, inspired from the hit app game Tokyo 7th Sisters, features two songs performed by the legendary SEVENTH SISTERS (comprising of Nicole Nanasaki, Mito Hanyda, Mana Misonoo, Qruit Kotobuki, Rui Wakaoji, and Memoru Yusa) such as SEVENTH HAVEN and FALLING DOWN. The drama part, titled What is truly 2030??, gives listeners an in depth hearing on who are the SEVENTH SISTERS; two years before they're formed and four years before they're finished, giving fans a much critical backstory in the world of Tokyo 7th Sisters.

There was a limited edition where not only this disc is offered but also one of six special pin badges featuring one of the members of the legendary idol group.

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