Friday, February 12, 2016

Six Nations 2016: Round 1

Last week, the annual RBS Six Nations kicked off their 2016 season and the best from Italy, France, Wales, Scotland, England, and Ireland face off in one of rugby's greatest championship known not just for Europe but by the rest of the world.

Saturday's matches involved a battle between the FFR and the FIR and the match between Scotland and England Rugby. France;s FFR won the match against Italy's FIR at the score of 23-21 while England Rugby beats Scotland at the score of 15-9.

Now, let's focus on the match between the IRFU and the WRU held last Sunday at the Aviva Stadium and it was one of the most dramatic matches to start the 2016 season because due to the late penalty done by IRFU's Jonathan Sexton, which led them a 13-0 lead, the match ended in a draw with both teams scored 16 points.

Highlights from Round 1:

The second round of the 2016 RBS Six Nations will commence with the FFR versus the IRFU on the 13th of February at 1525 hours GMT while the WRU takes on Scotland in the same day at 1650 hours GMT and on the next day, it's FIR versus England Rugby.

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