Saturday, February 13, 2016

The ending of the modernized Pangako Sa Yo

The Pangako Sa Yo ending

In the final episode of the modernized take on the classic ABS-CBN drama, Pangako Sa Yo, we saw Yna (Kathryn Bernardo) and Amor Powers (Jodi Sta. Maria) trapped in an abandoned building by Claudia Buenavista (Angelica Panganiban) while Mark ensues that these two won't get away and be soaked in cement for good. Meanwhile, Eduardo (Ian Veneracion) and Angelo (Daniel Padilla) are on the race against time to save the two women they've loved. As the search gets more desperate, the lives between Yna and Amor are no doubt are at risk of having Claudia execute her deadly plan to kill them both.

With Angelo finally spotted Claudia, Angelo pleads his mom to stop her heinous plot until the key to open the cage has landed on Amor and Mark released the cement. With Amor freed, it has turned into a gruesome series of misfortunes as one of the keys to free Yna are scattered and the cement is dropping on Yna's cage. Fortunately, Angelo rescued Yna. They are escaping but Claudia caught off-guarded. Angelo managed to persuade his mother to stop her madness and he did. However, Mark shot Angelo, Claudia shot down Mark, and Mark shot down Claudia.

With Angelo's life is critical, Angelo told Yna how much he loved her until he became unconscious and a few seconds later, Angelo's safe. He's not willing to die because of Yna. Moments later, Claudia confessed all of her wrongdoings to everyone in the court and apologized.

The story ends with Angelo and Yna as well as Eduardo and Amor finally reconcile in peace and this concludes the story of the modernized Pangako Sa Yo.

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