Saturday, March 5, 2016

Disney's Zootopia

Disney's Zootopia

This is the latest animated film ever to be brought up by the creative minds from the wonderful world of Disney. It's called Zootopia and in the world of Zootopia, animals are behaving just like us, doing their hectic lifestyles, and enjoy whatever on their hearts' content. In this mammal metropolis, everything is possible.

So, how did the innovative people behind hit animated Disney films such as Frozen and Big Hero 6 came up with this unique environment where animals of all kinds get together in the big city? Well, for starters, the people behind the film imagine what would it be like if animals play the part and do all sorts of stuff normal people would do such as shopping, going to work, exercise, politics, crimes, whatever all sort of stuff. That's where the idea of Zootopia was born.

The film centers on two protagonists; Nick Wilde, your basic city fox (who turns out to be a scam artist, by the way), and Officer Judy Hoops, a female cadet police officer who strives to fit in with her larger colleagues, and together, they can get through all sorts of Zootopia, knowing what is like to be wild in the urban jungle they're stepping on.

From the Sahara Square, Tundratown, Rainforest, Savanna Central, Little Rodentia, even straight to Mayor Lionheart's office, the world of Zootopia really is every animal lovers' fantasy come true as the movie tries to impress younger viewers the wonders of this mammal metropolis while dealing with a rather good storyline that doesn't feel much as exciting as the other Disney films. Think about it, coming up with the world where animals living like us, it's definitely possible in the world of cartoons but in terms of fandom, they should probably do better than that because getting to portray as their favorite Zootopia characters seems difficult than they ever imagine so please don't. Let the little kids dress up as their favorite Zootopia characters because little kids are better than grownups when it comes to dress as animals.

Either way, Zootopia may not be one of the best films to show this Spring season but this is the ideal family movie to watch especially those who want to get their wild side on even in this modern landscape you and I are stepping on.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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