Sunday, March 20, 2016

Forza Motorsport 6: Cowboys and Equestrians


As I'm sure you know, this is the seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette, a car that I never really liked. I never really liked the exterior, the interior, the mechanics, and the notoriety it gained when it first launched. I disliked this kind of Corvette so much, back in earlier times, I went into considerable lengths to threaten everyone not to like this car. But over the years, my attitude is softened and I'm starting to respect its performance, its motorsport pedigree, the awards, and the accolades it gained. I tried the Corvette...and I liked it.

corvette (2)

This particular Corvette is no ordinary Corvette. This is the brand new Z06 and for this generation, the new model has transformed into a half-decent supercar in a not-so-supercar pricing the top brass can afford one. Z06? It's a good thing they didn't call it the Z07 (even though this car comes with the Z07 package) because if they did, they'll be facing a hairy situation that they took the name from the once defunct shampoo product every Filipino heard of. What is it again? It sounds like "guard" or something.

Anyway, under the bonnet, the LT1 supercharged 6.2L V8 engine produces 650HP of power and same amount for torques, while mated with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. This V8 engine is the most powerful engine ever made by General Motors and this car can really succeed where my favorite Corvette, the C6 ZR1, left off.

The Z06 was heavily inspired by the Le Mans-winning C7.R racecar and as a matter of fact, some of the track-honed components from the C7.R can also be seen on the Z06 as well such as carbon fiber roof and hood which reduced weight and lowering the car's center of gravity, a dry sump oiling system that protects the supercharged engine during high-g turns, a hydroformed aluminum frame which keeps the new Z06 lightweight and strong, adjustable rear spoiler wickerbill, composite floor panels, and titanium intake valves and connecting rods.

corvette (3)

I had a blast upon driving the C7 Z06 during my days at Southern Europe but here, when used on the track, I can really feel the motorsport DNA that the C7.R employed on it and the more I kept driving this car, the more I can forget about how I feel about the latest-generation model since my first encounter.

The Z06 is the trump card of the latest Corvette and with supercar-like performance it delivers, the best sportscar made in the USA has gotten even better and despite being trained at being a lawless cowboy in the Wild West, it's still got the heart and soul of a classy equestrian taking things very seriously. Speaking of equestrians, I had a couple of equestrians this cowboy will face.

4c cayman

I have been joined here by two equestrians on the road and track; the Alfa Romeo 4C and the Porsche Cayman GTS. Both are European, mid-engined, and well-trained for track duty. Sure, both the 4C and the Cayman were beaten by the normal Corvette Stingray years ago, but with the C7 Z06 in possession, let's see how good this cowboy is while facing against two familiar equestrians at the Top Gear Track.

The Alfa 4C did it in 1:24.751, the Cayman GTS in 1:22.673, and the Z06 in 1:19.167, meaning that the Z06 did better in beating the other two Europeans just like what the normal Stingray did in real-life.

I was amazed that the Z06 is a major improvement to the seventh-generation Corvette and with a lap time like this, it's starting to feel like this car is 10% hypercar material even though it has a motorsport pedigree that was inspired from the racecar that raked numerous class wins at Le Mans. I had a lot of beef jerky to chew while getting to know this car but with the Z06 is starting to lose its jerky breath in favor for a more garlic breath to terrify the Europeans, I knew this car had nothing to hold back.

Perhaps no wonder it beaten every single car in last year's World's Greatest Drag Race. Even a more hardcore Cayman couldn't keep up against it! Now, would you excuse me, I have a date to keep.

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