Saturday, March 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Maine!

The folks at GMA's Eat Bulaga have celebrated the 21st birthday of everyone's favorite Dabarkad, Maine Mendoza, better known as Yaya Dub.

It was the biggest birthday bash ever thrown in honor of the Dabarkad that became a phenom in the show's Kalyeserye segment. The presenters, the lolas of Kalyeserye, even Alden Richards are present in the party as well as everyone around her.

In the middle of the party, Alden gave Yaya Dub some presents; a pendant, some pet birds, a drawing, a notebook, and a present so secret, we really don't know what that is.

What's even more surprising is a split second kiss for AlDub that is too fast for our eyes to see but it was worth it.

Happy Birthday Maine!

Photo: Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

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