Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Let's Do The News! (March 9, 2016)

- Parts of Southeast Asia have experienced a partial or total solar eclipse, which is the only total eclipse of the sun this year. The eclipse lasted for a few minutes and it occurred at different times at different spots along the path of totality. It was first appeared at around 0015 GMT at the western end of the path and it petered out in the eastern Pacific at 0338 GMT. A total solar eclipse is what happens when the moon, in its new phase, passes directly in front of the sun from an observer's perspective.

- One of the petitioners behind the disqualification case against Senator Grace Poe said he will file a motion for reconsideration and present new grounds against the senator who was recently been granted by the Supreme Court to take part in the May 2016 elections. Former dean of the University of the East College of Law, Amado Valdez, said he will attempt to reverse the SC ruling allowing Poe to run as president, stating that Poe's violation of the Constitution and betrayal of public trust, which both described as strong grounds.

- Former Philippine Stock Exchange employee Jay Penaflor was labeled by the National Bureau of Investigation as the Philippine equivalent of "The Wolf of Wall Street", enticed stock market investors to invest in big corporations, promising them high returns. According to sources, Penaflor may be the biggest market investment scam operator through the years with an estimated 100 million to 300 million pesos in funds taken from several investors.

- Once again, the United States reassume that there will be no dialogue with North Korea until the reclusive state takes steps toward denuclearization. According to the US's top nuclear envoy, Washington's NoKor policy remains the same and there is no secret dealing with China that South Korea is not aware of. His comments came amid speculation that Beijing had proposed a two-track approach of pursuing North Korea's denuclearization and peace talks simultaneously and the impending five-party talks excluding North Korea.

- The Japanese court has issued an injunction to suspend operations of two nuclear reactors at the Takahama plant in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, the first time such injunction for reactors currently in operation. 29 residents from the Shiga prefecture sought an injunction last year demanding that the plant's operator keep the third and fourth reactors offline, claiming they're unsafe and risk of major accidents.

- Following Maria Sharapova, there are some of Russia's top athletes have tested positive for the banned drug meldonium. Russian state media reported that short-track speed skater Semion Elistratov, 5-time world champion speed skater Pavel Kulizhnikov, and men's volleyball player Alexander Markin  have failed the drug test and tested positive for the banned drug. The lower house of the Russia's State Duma will convene an emergency sports committee meeting on Thursday to discuss the issue.

- Porsche and other sponsors revoked their partnership with Maria Sharapova following the shocking revelation about her tested positive for a banned drug ahead of the Australian Open.

- Japanese electronics company NEC plans to test out their early earthquake warning devices in Taiwan with the aim to win their first overseas contract for their equipment.

- Remember Erika Toda? The actress who played Misa Amane from the Death Note films ten years ago? Guess what? She's back to reprise the role in the brand new successor film, which honors the tenth anniversary of the live action Death Note films.

- In case you missed the recent Eat Bulaga kalyeserye, with Yaya Dub back in the picture after what happened yesterday, she and the lolas received a letter from Yaya Dub's stepmother, Madame Caitlyn Smash, better known as Dudang. The letter invites them to her mansion, although no specific timeline was given. Question is when? What is Dudang's mansion look like? Could this be the lolas' personal idea of hell just to rid of Yaya Dub? Tune in next time and find out!


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