Saturday, March 5, 2016

London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen

In the hit 2013 action flick Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard Butler played the role of a disgraced Secret Service Agent Mike Banning who is on a mission to save the White House from North Korean terrorists and prevent world chaos. It's been three years passed since Olympus Has Fallen but now, Agent Banning is back and this time, he's on a mission to take London back against an armed terrorist group plotting to assassinate the world leaders.

London Has Fallen is the sequel to the hit 2013 action flick and in that film; following the attack on the White House three years ago, the British prime minister unknowingly died and the world's top leaders will attend his funeral, unknowingly that the prime minister's funeral is nothing more than a trap set up by the armed terrorist group, bent on hunting down the world's top leaders, including the US President (played by Aaron Eckhart), and cause world chaos. It's up to Agent Banning to put a stop to this latest insurrection and take London back before it's too late.

You can really feel just how bewitching and traumatizing the first part of the film is, witnessing how terrorists blown up the rest of London in one fell swoop and watching is like you're in a disaster flick, but seeing Agent Banning on a mission to take London back, his daring moments will really take you back to the moment he stopped North Koreans in the first flick three years ago. Sadly, he's not facing against North Koreans but rather a terrorist group similar to the real world's Islamic State, so you may actually wondering if the enemies he'll face in this new film looks broadly similar to the terrorist group we are facing in the real world.

While this latest assignment is all "God Save The Queen", the fight scenes are all "Rule Britannia" and you can really feel the tension, the suspense, and the thrills this movie delivers and this film bites more than Olympus. Anyway, no time for Brit pop culture references but if you are looking for some real thrills in your next Spring movie watchlist, consider this. No, actually, you'd better be brave enough to sustain the latest (fictional) impact within city limits and survive your way to the end of the flick.

My rating: 3.4 out of 5.

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