Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Moment Ring

μ’s Final Love Live concert is on the Tokyo Dome this 31st of March to the 1st of April, 2016, and to celebrate the grand farewell of the world famous school idol group that propelled Love Live into one of the most successful franchise in the world, the final single from μ’s, titled MOMENT RING has arrived and by any means necessary, the two final songs from the school idol group μ’s will surely become the ultimate parting present for all the Lovelivers worldwide before their Final Love Live concert at the end of March.

There's also a parting gift for fans in store because for a limited time only, there's a serial code that will unlock a random Super Rare μ’s idol for use in the Love Live! School Idol Festival app game.

The Love Live! μ’s Final LoveLive! ~μ’sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~ concert is on the Tokyo Dome this 31st of March to the 1st of April. The μ’s would like to thank to all the Lovelivers for five years of gratuitous success since their first single launched in 2010 and wishes them to support the second generation of school idols, Aqours, in Love Live! Sunshine!!

02. さようならへさよなら!
03. MOMENT RING(Off Vocal)
04. さようならへさよなら!(Off Vocal)

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