Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Six Nations 2016 FINAL

In the fifth and final round of the annual RBS 6 Nations championship, the Welsh Rugby Union triumphed against the FIR Italia at the score of 67-14. The reasons how did the Welsh scored that high against the Italians are all thanks to the 21-point score by Dan Biggar and second half tries by Ross Moriarty, among many others.

Meanwhile, the IRFU defeated Scotland at the score of 35-25 while the England Rugby defeated the FFR at the score of 31-21.


At the end of this season's RBS 6 Nations, the winner is the England Rugby!

What a tough match! This is the first time the England Rugby won the Grand Slam title since 2003. And that concludes this season of the RBS 6 Nations championship. See you again.

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